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Tequila Jacks

184 Pearl Street Toronto ON, Toronto, ON

Tequila Jacks Nightclub Info

Tequila Jacks Located in the heart of Toronto's Theater District (Formerly Picadilly Circus).

Tequila Jack's is a fun, easy going party atmosphere where you can kick back be yourself and dance the night away. With our massive bars, tones of big screens, amazing light show, superb dj's, dance risers, vip bottle service, booth seating, friendly staff, and weekly special's Tequila Jack's is your ...

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Venue Type
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40, Hip Hop, House, Rock/Alternative
1 floor and 700 person capacity

Tequila Jacks Nightclub Events



Thu. Apr. 17 @ Tequila Jacks Nightclub



Sat. Apr. 19 @ Tequila Jacks Nightclub

Tequila Jack's Friday

Tequila Jack's Friday

Fridays @ Tequila Jacks Nightclub

Tequila Jacks Nightclub Reviews


Such a horrible place. The front staff is so rude and they over charge. Save your money and go elsewhere. Not even one star is deserved.

Never felt more uncomfortable in my life.

One of the worst night clubs i've ever been to. It's a 5:1 ratio of predator guys vs girls. I've never had to shove so many guys off of me at once, or felt more uncomfortable. Not to mention the girls who were too wasted to realize they were being felt up and dragged into corners. Security should do a 100%job better job by keeping on top of this. I would not recommend any girls going to this night club.

horrible service

So on oct 26 there was a haloween event and me and my friend have never been here so we decided to go.I can honestly say that this was one of the worst experiences of my life. We got kicked out of the club for no reason , at first i wanted to speak to the bodyguard who kicked us out but he refused to come out. Then i asked to speak to the manager who was so rude it was unbelievable! He literally walked away from me when i was talking . Honestly i would not recommend any one go there and i definitely will never be goin there again.


Do not go there!!! The bouncers there are only problems!! Kicked me out, because my girlfriend and i got into a tiny argument (we love each other to death and have been together for 3+ years, she told them that everything was ok). They still refused to let me back in, and kicked me out with force!! Lots of it, really!!?!?!?! Un-necessary. Not only that but i notice outside, having my phone within a certain time-frame it just disappears. The bouncers stole my phone!!! And tend to sell it in vaughn. (i traced it through find my iphone and already reported it to police, the more reports on these guys the marrier). Lastly, because they were such dicks, they called police on me accusing me of "domestic assault" (wtf, i am a good person to society and i enforce peace all around me) then they just wanted to be dicks so they asked the police officers to charge me with "public intoxication" (by this point i was just sober and pissed off with this place)!!! No charges happened and they got away with my phone!!!! Do not go!!!!!!

Bouncers steal cell phones

All I'm gonna say is the bouncer stole my cell phone! I've been calling them all week and they just pick up swear and yell and then hang up. I called the police and they are investigating. TRUST ME DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE. THE BOUNCERS ARE FILTHY CRIMINALS

Nuts and bolts

Hey do you guy know who was taking pictures on Saturday March 23, 2013?

Amazing time

I had the one of the best tjmes ever. Though I would like to know where all the pictures went that were taken of me as I was dancing. Would really like to see those :P Overall I thought it was great and the tenders were very nice

Coming back

Hi there, we randomly showed up there with a large party and had a great time! We did have a altercation and the bouncers completely helped us out and took care of all 15 of us.

We danced all night and the men hung out atthe bar. Loved it so much we are coming back March 1st for my birthday! :D See you soon


Security was horrible, drinks were expensive, and the DJ sucked. The only semi okay thing about this place is that one of the bartenders has a bit of flare.

Had An Amazing Time

I went to Tequila Jacks this past Saturday (January 12th) and I was overall impressed with the club. The music was great (didn't know it was a Wayback themed night, the DJ was awesome), drinks not too pricey, and it was nice to go to a club that had a more laidback/easy going environment. I've been to a lot of bars and clubs downtown, and Tequila Jacks was pretty impressive- will be returning. +1 to the staff.


got kicked out for puking...bouncers treated me with dignity...thanks guys! :)

Innacurate Ratings

- lots of females (for the guys)
- Layout of the club was alright
- Friendly bartender at the back left side bar

-They lied about guest list and decided to make my entire party wait outside in the rain and pay the cover
- Bouncers are extremely rude and stupid, when asking how to leave from the rear exit they said you can't leave from here, when trying to leave from the front exit they said you are not allowed to leave from here. Took 20 minutes and convincing the front bouncer that I wanted to leave.
- Warm, overpriced beer
- Pretentious crowd

Summary: Would not go back, or reccomend to anyone. The girl bartender was very pleasant and it is unfortunate that she is stuck there.

Amazing staff and venue!

We decided to stop by tequila jacks this past saturday after we got bored at Gracies and this was our first time here. It was a great time and our group of 12 got taken care of amazingly by the staff. We decided to buy 2 bottles and get a booth last second and we even got a free champagne! Great, clean cut crowd! Will definately be coming back!

Loved it!!

Heard alot about this place checked it out on saturday and it was amazing! We got in free on guestlist which was awesome! Also the $4 tequila shots were fun too!





I never write reviews for anything but after Saturday I think this place deserves an awesome review!!

When we got there there was no line up which seemed strange but when we got inside the place was packed but with enough room to be able to move.

The music and crowd was amazing and the staff are awesome!! The manager got me and my friend a free shot :)

Overall the place is great very clean and fun and I recommend it to anyone go check it out this place won me over I'll def be back!!

Awesome Night

The saturdays here are awesome. The $4 tequila is my fave!!!

Terrible security. Turns a fun night into hell

It's a nice place, however they will kick you out for whatever reason they feel like. The bouncers have an ego problem. My friends and I were sitting down on the couch having our drinks and shots for about 30m-1h. Then we decided to go dance. After 15mins I returned to the couches for a break by myself when a random girl said "This is our seats." I said sure they are. She replied "I reserved this couch." As I didn't believe her because 1. there was no sign 2. I had been sitting at these seats with my friends for over an hour without any problem. I replied, "I don't see any signs that these are your seats." She gave me a very dirty look, and after a few minutes she talked to someone, he came to me and said "get off." I asked who he was. He shows off his arms and says "who the fuck do I look like? I'm a bouncer." (Sometimes it isn't obvious if someone is a bouncer or not, they just have a simple black shirt.) I said okay and I got up and walked away. The bouncer walks behind me and rips my beer out of my hand, and says you're outta here. I didn't resist, once I was at the door I said "but I left couch when you said so? why am I getting kicked out?" he replies, "you didn't get up the first time I asked." One of my friends saw and came outside with me, as we were calling the rest of my friends. I complained to the bouncers how unfair this was. One bouncer walked up to me and started to roughly push me, and kept pushing me until I was all the way down the street. I never put my hands on them. Until today, I have never been kicked out of a club. It was my friend’s birthday, which felt ruined.


Couldn't possibly recommend this place any less. My initial impression based on the general staff and the environment was great, but for the first time in my life, one of the bouncers decided that it was important to kick me out because my friend was falling asleep in the venue. My friend was respectfully taken out, and I who did nothing wrong was repeatedly shoved face first into the corridor walls on the way out and attacked once we were outside. From the beginning I insisted that I was willing to cooperate with them since its "their house" but he insisted on bullying and attacking me. I have never been treated this way in my entire life and I am completely bewildered. Avoid this place. 0/1,000,000

thanks Ryan:) awesome bouncer

went there on sat(21st)
bouncers were so nice, especially thanks a lot, Ryan, ur awesome :)
loved the music(top40 + hiphop).
had so much fun!!!!!

thanks Ryan:) awesome bouncer

went there on sat(21st)
bouncers were so nice, especially thanks a lot, Ryan, ur awesome :)
loved the music(top40 + hiphop).
had so much fun!!!!!

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