Halloween Slashback

Friday October 26th, 2018 @ Wayward Lounge

Halloween Slashback @ Wayward Lounge

Join us at Wayward for Halloween Slashback to celebrate Halloween 2018!

Friday October 26th

Cash Prizes for the top 5 best costumes!
Wayward Lounge, 1096 Queen Street 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON
Toronto, Queen West
Event Type
Special Event
Friday October 26th, 2018
Mature, Young Professionals

Wayward Lounge Info

A large space decked out in plush couches, velvet curtains and funky wall paintings. It’s that place you want to sit and chill all night with a nice scotch or a big glass of delicious red, especially as the cold weather sets in. The owners have managed to produce a comfortable yet sexy lounge where girls are not running around half naked with sparklers on magnums of Grey Goose. How refreshing.

Instead, Wayward feels like a 1940s speakeasy lounge/bar where people can chill while listening to some cool old-school tunes reflecting the vibe of its downstairs brother, The Good Son.

According to one of the owners, the space was created to offer people an inviting and comfortable environment to enjoy after-dinner drinks, following their meal at The Good Son. The lounge definitely lends itself to guests enjoying the sounds of live jazz or R&B music (hint hint), but until then their house DJ plays fabulous old school tunes just loud enough to still enjoy a conversation with friends.

It accommodates approximately 100 people, also making it an ideal space to throw a party – and did you know? It’s Christmas party booking time! #GoodTiming

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