King and Queen Band Show

Thursday July 28th, 2022 @ Lamport Stadium


King and Queen Band Show @ Lamport Stadium

The King and Queen show has traditionally kicked off the Toronto Caribbean Carnival weekend every year since the beginning. The leaders of Caribana Mas Bands will put on their showcase costumes and perform for the Parade judges and an enthusiastic crowd. Male and female competitors are judged on the details of costumes, how that costume represents the theme the Mas Bands will perform during the 2020 Caribbean Carnival Parade and the performance of the leader. At the end of the night, the King and Queen are crowned.

Interesting Historical Fact: In 1971, Clive Brand took the competition to a whole new level. Lighting flares, to better display the intricacies of his elaborate costume, Clive inadvertently lit his very expensive outfit on fire. He was forced to rip it off mid-performance and throw it into Lake Ontario! That night Clive Brand won the honour of being crowned Caribana King 1971. Awesome!
Lamport Stadium, 1151 King Street West, Toronto, ON
7PM - 12AM
Event Type
Special Event
Thursday July 28th, 2022
Mature, Young Professionals, Students, Urban
Dress Code
Soca, Calypso, Live Music

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