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Apartment 58

12 Wyndam St. North, Guelph, ON

Apartment 58 Nightclub Info

Apartment 58 is Guelph's hottest night lounge, known for its style, crowd, and atmosphere. This 2nd floor bar boasts warm and earthy tones, with 6 intimate booths positioned throughout the venue. Apartment 58 creates a sensual atmosphere featuring contemporary designs and modern eclectic furniture. Each and every experience at Apartment 58 is memorable for its clientele.

Venue Type
Wednesday - Saturday (10pm-3am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
None (hats not allowed)
Top 40
2 floors

Apartment 58 Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Apartment 58 Nightclub.

Apartment 58 Nightclub Reviews

Poor attitude

Went to the club last night ordered and paid drinks for 3 people. I set mine down to help someone, i then went to grab it and it was gone. It was late and the club wasn't busy at all. I swear the staff took it. I spoke with the bartender and she was so rude. She said you never put your drink down and that i didn't need it anyway. Who's she to judge! She was happy to take my money and tip!


Bartenders fucking suck, 25 minutes to get a single drink. Just go to party town not worth the effort of dealing with the massive amount of creepy old me here

This place sucks

Went here last saturday with a few friends, bouncers were complete assholes tried to act like big men who are miserable they don't have the money to have fun like everyone who goes there. We had all gone for dinner and had two beers at most so they're lucky we didn't want to get arrested that night because we could have easily showed the club these guys glass jaws no problem luckily the girlfriends were there to keep the guys calm. As for the club there's a weird smell, drinks tasted watered down. Music wasn't that good and the layout wasn't anything to brag about. Only reason i'd go back it to visit the bouncers to see how much they still want to run they're mouths. Because this place sure as hell isn't worth going to enjoy a night out with friends!


On saturday night we were downtown guelph and we wanted to check and see how the party was at apartment 58. My friend who was dd decided she was going to go in, check it out and come back to let us know. When she handed the bouncers her id they asked her how much she had to drink, she of course replied with "nothing" because she was driving. The bouncers not only didnt believe her, but they mocked her by repeating "you've had nothing to drink". When my friend answered "no, i haven't had anything to drink because i'm driving" they laughed and asked each other if they should let her in. My friend grabbed her id from the bouncers, told them to nevermind and left. In my opinion that was completely inappropriate and unacceptable. My friend had nothing to drink.. Which is usually what happens when you are dd. Not only did you miss out on 1 person getting in and spending money at this club but we were a group of 15 people.

30th reunion

This inappropiately dressed bartender in bra had my bf kicked out during our 30th high school reunion. He went to say sorry aft saying "does ur mother know u dress like that at work" & they wouldnt serve him or accept his apology. I went to see what the problem was and this over baring male idiot of a bartender was practically spitting on my while repling to my answer. The two bartenders (black haired tall male. And short long haired blonde female in sports bra bartenders hav attitudes and lik to power trip. Mngement needs to clear house aft they read all these posts. Thx fer ruining our nite and my 30th reunion!!! Powertrippers!

bouncers are horrible... need to go

I decided to throw my birthday bash here and booked a table and two bottles. there was about 10 of us all together. we finished our first bottle and ordered another one, then proceeded to go downstairs for smoke. We get down there, and my boyfriend forgot his id, since they collect your id before you go out for smoke. my bf was by no means disrespectful to the bouncers. He said he would have to go back up stairs to grab it, ithen seen the one bouncer signal the other bouncer, and then said your cut off you need to leave, my bf said okay we and said he needed to go up and grab his jacket, so i proceeded behind him.I take two steps up the stairs to be shoved down the stairs by a bouncer. Saying i couldn't go up to retrieve all my friends and get my jacket. Mean while it had nothing to do with me whatsoever, they never told me iwas cut off or not aloud back in. those two bouncers are definition of low life douche bags, that think there tough. i use to come there all the time before they started bouncing, got along great with the bouncers. Never once had a problem or let alone any problems dt guelph before. Management really needs to step in here and do something about these two bouncers , obviously this is an ongoing problem, as you can see from the previous posts. Use to love this bar, but boy has it changed.

How Much More

The evening of may 10, 2013 what was suppose to be an innocent evening night out with the friends. That was changed for us and witnessed by many others.
The night was going very well having a drink with good music playing and being on the dance floor, and being surrounded with good people. I was approached by a gentleman was asked a question with the music playing missed heard his question and he was not ever so happy with my respond. The mr. Had asked me to leave in a polite manor so i approached the door while asking for my jacket i was refused. My friends followed behind with our jackets. Where my friend was than pushed towards the stairs with threats and discrimination from the staff of apartment 58. Words like fag, quires and others where being screamed down the stairwell directed to us with witness from the side walk to hear and also in front of an on duty police officer.
This is not the first time there has been and issue and a fight picked by the staff with hate crimes towards the gay community from apartment 58.
I hope that this post will be taken seriously and actioned, and if not by this post from others that will be written

Bigoted bouncer

Was there with two of my male friends on the evening of Friday March 22. My one friend had a few too many and was asked to leave by one of the bouncers. He respectfully complied and he, myself and my other male friend went to retrieve our coats. Two bouncers followed and were polite as they could see that we did not wish to cause trouble. As we were walking down the stairs however, my other male friend (not the one who was asked to leave) was shoved, called a "fag" and told to "cut his hair" by the bouncer that was standing at the top of the stairs. What shocked me is that this guy had absolutely nothing to do with the initial request for us to leave, but simply jumped in and started insulting my friend seemingly to cause a fight. Just letting you know that it appears as if you have some seriously bigoted security staff members (at least one anyway) that you might want to keep an eye on...

They steal from you

We went there last night and my group of friends were sober and we wanted just a drink or two at the bar. We paid with a twenty for a $5.00 drink the bartender gave us 4 back in change... then she gave us another $5 after we got her attention and it took literally two minutes and then she slammed the money on the counter. It was ridiculous.


This club is ok.. the girls tend to look good but the guys are all douchebags.. lots of fights break out once the bar clears.. should be a 23+ club.

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