136 Yorkville Ave., Toronto, ON

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The doors to a Latin culinary and entertainment adventure are waiting for you at Babaluu Nightclub/Restaurant. Nestled in the heart of trendy Yorkville since 1993, Babaluu offers you a wealth of exciting five-star dining creations to suit all tastes from our blend of the Americas with Latin fusion. Babaluu Nightclub/Restaurant. The epitome of female beauty. Legend has it that Babaluu ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Wednesday - Sunday (9pm-3am)
Toronto, Yorkville
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40, Latin
$10-$15 with guestlist
300 person capacity, 1 floor

Babaluu Nightclub Events

Salsa Social Sundays

Salsa Social Sundays

Sundays @ Babaluu Nightclub

Babaluu Nightclub Reviews


Hola nunca he visitado la disco pero quiero ir porque me encanta bailar salsa espero que cuando vaya encontrar con quien bailar este es mi numero 4167105554


If you are a woman looking to go out for a fun night of dancing, i'm not sure if babalu will suit your needs. I went with my girlfriend for a fun night out. I'm a very attractive 40 yr old woman and was dressed in a very classy dress and had a great attitude to just get on the dance floor and dance but i soon realized that babalu is about women standing on the sidelines, not putting themselves out there having a good time. The dance floor is exclusively couples, which, of course salsa is a dance for a man and a woman, i understand that. However, why can't a single woman feel comfortable dancing in a club like that? I soon felt totally out of place as i was portraying this confident personae that just didn't work there, plus i never got asked to dance anyways. You have to wait on the sidelines as if you are at a high school prom, and wait for a machismo latino to ask you to dance. Pathetic. I found it very un-exciting, uncomfortable, staged, and demeaning. Plus, the men all looked quite slimy....And not very attractive, seriously! Lots of beautiful woman though
(you surprised? Welcome to toronto;)
Anyways ladies, my impression is that this is a male dominated and very machismo atmosphere. I guess i should have had the balls and asked some shy latino men to dance ;) lol!!! Good luck and i hope you have more fun than i did ;)


This place was packed on saturday despite the ice storm!


I haven't been at babaluu for couple of years now- moved out of toronto, but was there just two weekends ago. I had a fantastic time :) the most friendly and fun people, outstanding atmosphere, and outstanding bar service. i'm european, but it's always fun to listen to and dance with latinos. Best,


Learn from our experience! Do not buy gift certificates from babaluu!
My husband bought a gift certificate from this restaurant at a charity event for a face value of $100. When we finally got a chance to use it on dinner for four, the owner refuse to honor the gift certificate! She kept saying she couldn't recall issuing one like that. We ended up paying over $200 plus the $65 for the gift certificate. For a dinner like that, it was completely not worth it! We were extremely disappointed at the owner, who seemed to be a low-class, purely money-driven, rude individual, who did not seem to care about customer satisfaction at all.

Shill Reviews

Babaluus is and always will be a great place to go dance salsa.

All the comments on this website are idiotic and have no truth to them.

If you look at all the comments for other clubs they are just as inane.

Management nickel and dimes customers to death

Management here hates their dancer patrons and they show it by nickel and diming them to death. $2 per item on the coat check on top of paying cover on weekdays.

Management nickel and dimes customers to death

The management here absolutely hates the dancer crowd. They hate us changing into dance shoes. They hate dance shoes. They charge $2 per item. $5 for water during the weeknights. They just want to pack the club with drunks all night. After you finish paying suddenly you realize you've just been jipped $11 for a shitty weeknight and you haven't had a drink yet.

If you ever see one of the owners - the behemoth one - she want's to be the star of the club. Be sure to compliment her and tell her she is just so awesome!

Management here is incredibily greedy/stupid

The management here decided a few years ago that they would willing run this place into the ground.

6 years ago

Tuesdays - Packed - No cover - no dress code
Wednesdays - Packed - No cover - no dress code
Thursday - Packed - No cover for women b4 10, $9 cover for men
Fridays - Packed - Dress Code enfored - No cover for women b4 10, $14 cover for men
Saturdays - Packed - Dress Code enfored -No cover for women b4 10, $14 cover for men
Sundays- Packed - No cover - no dress code


Tuesday - closed - six months after putting a $7 cover for everyone
Wednesday - dead - No dress code - $7 cover + $2 coat check
Thursday - half full - No dress code - $9 cover for everyone
Fridays - dead - No dress code - No cover for women b4 10, $14 cover for men
Saturdays - half full- No dress code - No cover for women b4 10, $14 cover for men
Sundays - dead - No dress code - $9 cover + $2 coat check


Not worth it guys...

Brought a girl I was dating her for dinner once. My date told me some girl was bawling in the washroom saying she was my girlfriend.

That was the end of that lol... So I try to get the bawling girl's number a few weeks later and she just lifts her nose and walks away.

Makes no sense to me!

Dancers are fucked in the head

www .thestar. com /news/world/article/1319386--bolshoi-chief-will-recover-from-acid-attack-enough-to-work-again-says-doctor

Tourist Girls

Ladies this is NOT cuba. We make more money than you here... jajajajaja


Ewww... Older rich white women trying to pick up young latin guys.... deformed white women...

Dead place

Friday was dead.... ditched !

Scumbag Central

I think everyone I talked to at this place was an instructor and wanted to teach me how to dance lol...

I guess no one want's to learn ha! 99% instructors all chasing 1 student!

Instructors are mercenaries

Don't waste your money taking lessons guys - the instructors are playing you for a fool. They'll take your money, sabotage your friendships/relationships with anyone you meet in this scene and then try to entice to take "more lessons" to "become a better dancer". Drive them into poverty my opinion.


Beware the krout and the troll that teach here - they will fuck with you if you bring a girl.


What's really creepy about this place is all the little ugly asians/little fat men running around with cameras snapping up everyone and posting it up on fb.

Cougar Central

If you like sweaty semi-attractive cougars like me this is the place to be!

not many latinos here

this place is overrun by nutty middle easterners

Not worth it

big waste of time and money...

Bad night out....

Went there on Friday with a friend for some dancing and it was pretty dead - got there around 10. We left at 11.

Dancing is fun but too many creepy old people

I've always had a lot of dancing fun here but there are too many old weird creepy people here who can't dance and try to pick up young girls...


hii people
I'm from Brazil

My name is mr silvano and I will go to Toronto in november 2011

but I do not know the city could someone help me?
my email is


Not impressed. 40 year old latinos hitting on 20 year old girls, white girls. Not classy.

It's OK!

I have been going to this restaurant for dining and dancing for almost 10 years. The crowd has changed and evolved over time - for sure . This place is a hit or miss. It really depends on the crowd on a particular night. Friday's are OK. Although, there are some serious salsa dancers and the crowd is snobbish and uptight at times. Warning: if you forget anything behind whether it be in the bathroom or anywhere within the premise of the restaurant - even for a split second - Say Bye Bye to your item cause it's gone forever. However on the flip side, I do enjoy their food, love the free salsa lesson and the staff is very friendly which is the ONLY reason I keep going back.

friday nite, DONT BOTHER

dont waste your time. although a nice looking club, the atmosphere on a friday night there is ridiculous. the DJ was awful. all he wanted to do was just take pictures with his camera of my girlfriends and i all night.
very creepy guy.
made the night pretty sour for us.
never again

Best club in Toronto

I been there so many times and eery time I have an amazing time. Love the bartenders, the dj and specially the people that goes there. And for that reason and celebrating my Birthday there this coming saturday. Can't wait.


I was with my family and we had a wonderful time. It is a place that you can find everything: the best Latin food, salsa lesson, live entertainment, DJ played the best combination of Latin music or Top 40 and the service was amazing!!! I told my family "we have to come back".

bad vibe

I was there one night and the bartender was so rude to me and my friends...horrible place!!

Loved It

Awesome place for some sexy salsa... I loved the music... Went there on sat. Loved it!

Dj was awful

Was at Babaluu on a Friday nite and must say the dj was not at all impressive. Not only was he rude to myself and my friends but he played outdated music. There were songs we requested and he laughed at our requests and said "ya right". I would suggest you hire nicer staff and a better dj.

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