Bovine Sex Club

542 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON

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Few things are more fickle than fashion, but the Nightclub scene is one of those things. Even so the fact that the moody Bovine Sex Nightclub has been 'in' since it opened in early 91 isn't too hard to figure. It could be the Nightclub's nifty dada look. The result of local artists collaborations, or it could be the music, a mix of cutting edge rock, retro 80's, punk, glam, metal, 70's funk and ...

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Venue Type
Toronto, Queen West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40, Indie, Live Music, Rock/Alternative

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There is currently no events posted for Bovine Sex Club Nightclub.

Bovine Sex Club Nightclub Reviews

I Treated Myself to the Bovine

I enjoyed the ska bands that were playing at the bovine last night. Cover was $10 and i had a couple of drinks that were reasonably priced. The crowd seemed pretty excited about the music, too. A couple of people felt that i was approachable enough to engage in some conversation. There's some uncertainty about which wash room door opens to the ladies and which one opens to the gentlemen's, i figured it out though. The interior decoration of the club is so interesting, unlike anything i've seen before. If you're not amused enough by the entertainment, or the crowd, then take a look around inside of the club at the cluster of stuff that adds to the bovine's personality.

Jerks give bad reviews.

So kate h says "apparently handing me a beer is strenuous work, sorry i didnt know that it was my responsibility to pay you to do your job."

Granted, the service staff shouldn't denigrate anyone for not tipping, but let's be serious. most people who live in the civilized world know that tipping is an accepted part of the hospitality experience.

Just tip the staff you cheap weasle!

bovine shit club

Went there a couple of times and this is the only establishment I've ever been kicked out of for no real reason. I guess a lot of native guys started shit there before I started goin there, only thing I think can be the reason. I musta looked like I'm a native and most likely trouble to them cause of my long hair, high cheek bones and big nose. I calmly kept askin the bouncers why they kicked me out but never got an answer, then I was grabbed and put onto the side walk for nothing but seemingly because of questioning the bouncers. They had absolutely no right to put their hands on me when I wasn't doing anything. They're full of shit and I still remember what happened, there were obviously other people there who had way more to drink than myself but they singled me out. They said I could come back another night but I'm not goin back there and subjecting myself to that again. I'd rather put my hard earned money into other establishments that don't seem that fucked.

Re:Owner - you are what's wrong with this city

"Crowd - queen west rock elite"




That's why everyone thinks your neighbourhood is full of arseholes, and it is.

disrespectful staff

i ALWAYS have a bad experience everytime ive ever come here. the bartenders are total bitches. i was there on a date one night and one of bartenders told my date that i was cheap and didnt tip her. -Apparently handing me a beer is strenuous work, sorry i didnt know that it was my responsibility to pay you to do your job.
ive heard from a friend that a similar thing happened to her there too, and a few of my friends have said that they always have problems with the bartenders that work there.

about dj

I am a DJ from toronto. I am playing from last 5 years. i am in
toronto from last 2 years. I already did some private shows in Toronto. i use to play in my back home club and private parties. . im really interested to work on your please let me know if you guys are looking for any dj. I mix electrohouse, top 40 , all mashup and soca. thanks you so much , I hope you ll be reply very soon.

this is one of my demo of electro house...i have more of top 40, top mashup, hip hop and soca...

try this one ...hope you ll be like it..If you want i can send you more demo..and my webside is under construction, its comming very soon .thnx


Your information sheet is incorrect. Please edit when possible. Crowd: queen West Rock and Punk elite. Established 1991, Toronto's CBGB's; Hours: 9pm to 2am 365 nights a year; Dress Code: Rock Style, but anything goes; Price For bands $5-$10 after midnight free; Layout:200 Capacity, 2 Rooms; patio Yes - spring 2011

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