Cabana Pool Bar

11 Polson Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 1A4
(416) 479-7645

Cabana Pool Bar Info

It could be in a swish hotel on Miami’s South Beach or wrapped around a casino on the Las Vegas Strip, but this Cabana Pool Bar combines the very best of the world’s most popular playgrounds into an all-Canadian-by-the-lakeside wonderland with enough space to accommodate 2,500 sun-worshippers and seating for 850. Add in 12 elevated and private cabanas, another 42 oversized deluxe chaise ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Beach Wear
Top 40, Hip Hop

Cabana Pool Bar Events

Vegandale Summer

Vegandale Summer

Mondays @ Cabana Pool Bar

Jack Daniels BBBQ & Whiskey Wednesday

Jack Daniels BBBQ & Whiskey Wednesday

Wednesdays @ Cabana Pool Bar

Cabana Saturdays

Cabana Saturdays

Saturdays @ Cabana Pool Bar

Diner and a Movie at Cabana

Diner and a Movie at Cabana

Tuesdays @ Cabana Pool Bar

Lobster Thursday at Cabana

Lobster Thursday at Cabana

Thursdays @ Cabana Pool Bar

Brunch Sundays

Brunch Sundays

Sundays @ Cabana Pool Bar

Cabana Pool Bar Reviews

LeBron's fav spot

2 or 3 years ago. Can't remember because that how good of time i had here. Plus lebron joined the party too during carabana 2-3 years ago.

Miss this place

Miss this place. Amazing place and the finest babes come here. Moved away from toronto but will be there as soon as i can or when we can.


The staff at this place are extremely rude, specially the outside security manager, an old asian guy with clear anger issues.

We were having a okay time when i found out they've cut my friend's bracelet when she went to the car to get her jacket, not letting her back in. When i asked the entrance bouncer why, i heard the asian security guy "scream" from a few feet away "are you ****ing stupid". At first i only turned around cause i heard him scream not realizing it's intended for me. When he screamed again, i ask the bouncer what's going on and if i can talk to a manager about this rude clown, just to find out he is the manager. Unbelievable.

Long story short, spent $800, denied entry after this completely insane scenario. Made us pay at the door (essentially stole half a bottle of grey goose that we no longer had access to) and to top it all off "threw away" my girl's sandals that was close to a garbage bin thus considered trash!!

Here's the interesting part, some of the other security guards i talked to, admitted their manager has anger issues and this happens several times a week.

So if you like to pay for overpriced service, get disrespected and stolen from, i highly recommend this place.


Rude staff , i thought it was a nice place to visit especially for the view, however the staff there is tremendously rude starting from the manager , expensive place for the kind of service that they provide specially for those who pay for bottle service($1200). While you dance other people are waiting to steal your alcohol and if you complain about it the manager just kicks you out , first and last time there -10, "don't go there"


Need to book a booth or get on the guestlist? Contact me at: vscoremarketing@gmail.Com / 647.461.5177

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