The Ciqus has closed.


2065 Winston Park Drive, Oakville, ON, L6H 6P5

Cirqus Info

Venue Type
Mature, Students
Mississauga, Oakville
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae

Cirqus Events

There is currently no events posted for Cirqus.

Cirqus Reviews

Dirty owners

I went to this shitty night club to apply for a job as a hostess couple months back, i met the owner and his brother roger and harry lota these two disgusting people started talking, telling me if u wanted the job they would have to see me in a bikini because they wanted to promote "stripper" like hostesses. I didn't believe it at all and ended up swearing at them saying you guys are just ugly midaged pigs and walked out the door. Forward couple months i started working at earl square one, a new girl joined the team and one day we were just talking and she was going on about this dirty bold pervert who owns west 50 and surprise surprise it's the lota brothers. I was shocked on how these two brothers are getting away with it. They deserve everything that's coming to them two assholes.

This place is not even open. Bankruptcy!

Called the other day to get guest list and its forwarded to a random number. decided to go anyways and it has a sign up that it has declared bankruptcy!


This place is a joke and is seriously hurting for business. the owner tony father of two girls asked if i would sleep with him. he grabbed my ass and told me he was willing to pay for it. he then had the nerve to buy a drink and make me pay for it. on top of it i was overcharged. this place is a dump, the atmosphere sucks there were at most 30 people there and the management are a bunch of old horny indian men. needs to shut down!

Waste of time and money

So this year was my 30th birthday and i wanted to do it up. I chose this place cause it was local for a lot of peoplemy friends and family. Also they have a smaller room that you can potentially book out and have your own dj. I inquired about this for a long time, and in the end i didn't get it cause i was told they were doing "renovations", i was upset but i still ended up going...My stupidity. Next with the amount of people i had coming...One of the employees who works there, lets call him ronald; ended up offering me a promoter gig. I was excited to say the least, we was going to offer me some money due to the amount of people who showed up. A few things happened that night...1.The dj was playing crap music, 2.They overcharged me for bottle service, 3.I never got my money that was agreed upon. 2 weeks later and i still never got it. Ronald does not know how to conduct business, and i'll never go back there nor refer anyone to go there ever!

Also i am posting this on every review i can find for this place.

Rude staff

I will never go back. I paid the bartender for my drink with a $20 and she gave me change from a $10. I pointed it out to her politely, and she responded that "it's your word against mine" since i have a huge problem with someone stealing from me, i asked her to give me my correct change. She did. At the end if the night i was outside on the phone and tried to go back in, the doorman said it's closed, all my friends were inside, and he told me to wait outside. my friends in the club were friends with the promoter, but he didnt seem to care. I asked him if i could wait in between the doors because it was freezing, he still wouldn't let me do that. I asked him to get a manager, and he told me to call the club on monday to talk to a manager. Being a bartender and having high expectations for how i'm treated when i go out, i was very disappointed. The staff need to get over themselves, and learn to treat their customers better.


Reviews will not be posted unless they have 5 stars so for the sake of people seeing this review, it has to be given that when in reality this place is shit. The guy to girl ratio is 20:1 so girls beware. They guys are rude, push girls, and take advantage of them when they're drunk and even when they are sober and say no to them. Ladies if you value your virtue and virginity do not go here. And this website keeps taking down reviews so hopefully this stays up for girls to read and to be saved.

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