Seven Nightclub

5400 robinson street, niagara falls, ON

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Shining through the world famous Niagara Falls landscape, Club Se7en is a luxurious, upscale haven catering to a sophisticated clientele. Located at the intersection of Fallsview Blvd. and Robinson St., Se7en is the pinnacle of nightlife in Niagara. Showcasing a brick and beam loft style space housed in a warehouse dating back to the 1920's, Club Se7en brings a raw, industrial, New York feel to ...

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Venue Type
Niagara/ St. Catherines
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40
1 floor | heated patio

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There is currently no events posted for Seven Nightclub Nightclub.

Seven Nightclub Nightclub Reviews


Attention people looking to have a fun night! Whether it be an event, birthday or just a night out- do not go here, you will be disappointed. From the ridiculous fights, the gangs that think they run the place, to people getting kicked out left right and centre (for no reason i could understand). The atmosphere here is awful, the staff do their jobs poorly and to top it all off the drinks are 100% watered down. Went here last weekend with my buddies for a bachlore party, and we were just over it by 12. You know what they say "nothing good ever happens after midnight" haha -sam

Gang violence. Awful night.

If your looking to have a drama free night don't go here. The place is crawling with gang related groups who are looking to start problems and they have the bouncers on their side. This is my 2nd time going here. Thought maybe the first time was just a fluke but nope. Lots of fights and people being kicked out for no reason. I'm writing this as a bystander, but i still think people should beware. The drinks are watered down, and it's actually $15 cover. Not worth it. Go somewhere with good, fun people. Not gangs and bouncers trying to prove themselves.


Got here about 1130pm .. Club was lined up however we had bottles and bypassed the monster line
Have to say theres no clubs like this anymore in ontario , there were 3 rooms including the patio , main room was a sick mash up dj and the ghost bar was serious hip hop and old school ! Nice patio and sexy bartenders . We will be back !

Niagara Falls Mayhem

Me and my friends party alot in the gta. we came down to niagara this past weekend for a birthday. i must say club seven is the wildest nightclub i have ever been to hands down. place was packed with beautiful girls and a robot that we took pictures with that shot out lasers and fog. bottles were pricy but well worth it , nice large tables with lots of space ! Way better than any of the clubs in niagara !


Ridiculous place, waited 20 minutes for a bartender inside only to finally give up and go outside to get a beer on the patio. Dance floor full of a collection of women competing for who can dance the sluttiest and the men who encourage them.

Within 5 minutes of getting back in the club with our beer, an inconsiderate fellow on the dance floor started dancing against me as i tried to walk by along the wall and spilled my own beer all over me. When i tried to move him to avoid more of this, his friend got physical with me and my boyfriend and tried to hit me in the face! He started screaming at me while the bouncers tried to restrain him, calling me all kinds of lovely names and threatening my life. Simply outrageous. A total dump and complete waste of time.


i got dragged to this dump for a bachelor party. The place was tiny and they kept trying to ramp up the party by sending staff out in ridiculous costumes like papa smurf and a teletubbie. The easter bunny made a brief appearance too.
the girl to guy ratio was about 1:9, most of whom looked like fat, failed strippers.
they charged our group $180 per bottle for skyy vodka, which is a rail brand at most clubs. They also kept dropping off more and more coke for mix. At one poimt, we had 4 bottles of coke on our table, 1 7up, 1 cranberry and a water. No orange juice!!! Wtf!?!?
the "m.C." was more annoying than any i've heard, and i'm pretty sure the d.J. Wants to suck drake's dick. Or has in the past. Seriously, how much fucking drake do you need to hear??? I've heard better mixes and music selection at denny's.
club se7en did one thing really well, and they should be commended for this......They really helped me decide where not to go during my next niagara falls trip. Good work club se7en. I would have given you zero stars if it were an option. Lock your doors.

Better than anything else in Niagara

We been coming to niagara falls for the last few years and always hit sundowner, and dragonfly. found this place on club crawlers and decided to switch it up and book a table for my buddys birthday,

We still went to the downer aubviously , we arrived at 12 to the club and from the minute we hit the door we had the treatment we paid for. i dont mind to spend if im getting it.

We made a champagne and vodka rain dance in the vip, just wana thank the vip hosts and waitresses for an amazing experience. everything was yes sir and no sir, and the dj played the songs we wanted to hear. our servers brought us shots to the table soo we didnt have to go the bar. They served warm homemade chocolate chip cookies. Great great service.

We didnt pay cover and my boys all i mean all went home with girls from the club back to the hotel party

Sick lighting system in that ghost room and the dj was killing it

We found our new spot in niagara people !

One bad thing though ... No brand name water .. Cheap walmart stuf .. But the manager assured me they usuallly carry evian and next time we come he has a case for us

Stacked with Ladies

Came here with my buddys for a night out , we killed it ! 10 bottles of belvi wow

Best service in years ! And the women ow

Niagaras hidden gem

HORRIBLE Experience!

Not impressed at all.
Searching for a venue for my best friends bachelorette, i fell upon club sevens website, that declared "i would be treated like royalty for the evening" if i went through vip including bottle service.
I feel i was treated like anything but. Their website stated that sky vodka is 170 a bottle, and the vip booth is a $50 dollar charge or 5 bucks a head. I was charged 460.00 for 2 bottles, to which they charged me tax on and i shouldnt be taxed on booze. Why are they charging me tax on something they never paid tax on, and they are already making 140.00 on the 26ers they sell! The only taxable amount should be the $50.00. Even with tax the money still doesn't add up.
I was told by alicia (the manager) that i was looking at friday night prices on the website. However the website does not say anything about prices varying depending on which night. It just says the prices by bottle. The pricing and information i received was incorrect and falsely advertised. And when i asked questions, it was excuses and empty answers that never answered my concerns.
Secondly, i never received the snacks i was told i would get. And the service was horrible. Our ice was never refilled, cups were never restocked, no one came to ask how we were doing, or if we needed anything else. I wasnt impressed with the "royalty" treatment i received. Or lack their of.
The music wasnt great.
I will never go back.
I even tried to contact the club, supervisor,and mangers after...And no one responded to my messages or phone calls. No communication, no customer service. They are out to make money, not for the people at all. They want people with money to come there, which is why they advertise the way they do. They just steal money for a falsely advertised club.
Also,its not as big as it looks in the pictures, it small, not private. You would have a better time at dragon fly., or spend the extra gas on going to toronto.

Best Club in Niagara Falls

Sick venue , great music , and loads of girls . there must have been some kinda hot lady bachelorette convention in town.

We will be back !


Worse Club Ever

A group of us went to Niagara Falls for the weekend and decided we wanted to do bottle service at a club. From what was on the website and what was stated in the emails from the club I was expecting service to rival the service you get from an upscale club or a Vegas club however it was nothing of the sort.

Firstly when I was quoted a price I was quoted a per person cost instead of a total which was rather odd and I was never told what brands of alcohol was included at that price. I kept getting told I could pick whatever we wanted. We were also told that we would have a private booth, our own waitress and snacks. It all sounded great but that's not what we got in the slightest.

Firstly our "booth" was a couch and a bench without a back that was so low to the ground when you sat that the guys ended up standing instead of sitting on it. There was also not separation between our "booth" and the ones on either side of us. At one point in the night a full glass fell off the table next to us and splashed up the side of me and my boyfriend sitting at our booth. Our "whatever you want booze" ended up being the low end bottles at the price I was quoted and to get anything better would have cost more. Our "private waitress" brought us to our booth, took our order and took our money to settle the bill after that we didn't see her again. I actually had to ask for our ice bucket to get refilled once it was completely empty and ask for more napkins after we ran out. Never at any club good or bad have I ever had to ask to anything the get refilled. On top of that we didn't even get lemons/limes for our drinks.

Probably worst of all booze were watered down. A piece of advice if you ever do bottle service at this club have them to open the bottle in front of you to ensure your actually getting all your alcohol otherwise you won't. We also never got the snacks that we promised as part to the night.

The music was okay, it actually got worse as the night went on not better which sucked and the club is very small. We ended up leaving early.

I wouldn't recommend bottle service at this club as your not getting what you pay for by any means. I have done bottle service at many clubs including a few in Las Vegas and let me tell you seeing as we payed almost as much as I have in Vegas this was by far the worst bottle service for the money I have ever had. I have experienced exceptional service and subpar service but this was the worst.

Had fun

From the GTA, went here for my birthday. We were originally supposed to go to a different club but last minute my friends and I decided to go here because it was close to the hotel and cover for guys was only $5 (ladies free). There was only 1 type of draft, which tasted watered down for sure. Overall, had a pretty good time! Love the light stick things they gave.

good time

nice place..first time visiting , pretty good music, lots of stuff going on ..will come back ..

Never again

I had an awful time at club seven. The music was awful, it was far too expensive and the cover lady as well as some guy named johnny were very rude. I will NEVER return here.


We Came down to Niagara Falls on a Saturday and went out to Seven Nightclub. The place was crawling with chicks and $10 to get in, in Niagara is a steal. I mean the place was very cool and a good crowd for Niagara falls if you know what i mean ... be back soon and thanks to Ryan for hooking us up with vip bracelets and line bypasss

Killer night out

My boys and I came down from Toronto with high expectations as we only get bottles and go to higher end clubs. I was very impressed with the set-up and how we were treated by the staff. Our bottle service waitresses were amazing and never left us dry. Tables were kept stocked and cleaned. It was a buddy;s birthday and the girls brought us a round of shots on the house. They also provided us with sushi and pretzels to snack on.
Prices were definitely reasonable as we ordered to goose and Moet Rose. People were sexy and music was great the dj killed it.

Partys Bus NIagara Falls Woot Woot!

My girls and I took a party bus from Sauga to celebrate a girlfriends birthday. We came into town around 11pm and had a predrink before hitting Seven, As soon as we jumped off the bus the door man was haut !!!! I knew it be a good night! We had a table which was right next to the dancefloror and popped bottles. I only drink belvedere and it was a little dissapointing they only served goose. However made the best of it, the girls serving us were great and even decorated with balloons and brought out a cake! great music and great patio ... all in all a great night out . On the way home the birthday girl got sick in the limo ... and needless to say her bf wasnt to happy. next birthday = limo NO seven YES


Me and MY buddys do alot of clubbing, we even take trips outta town to hit all the local spots and check out the scene. Weve been to Niagara quite a few times and hit up the clubs there, we were reccomended from a friend of a friend to check this Club Seven place out ... cus they have a wicked patio with cabannas and hot bartenders. We made reservations to grab a bottle of goose and my team and i hit the club that night. THe guy on the phone said no runners or hats, and my one boy only had pumas. but they still let us in needless to say., Yep no line no cove. We got there about 11 and it was pretty weak, then bam it got slammed and chicks were dancing and grooving everywhere we looked. my one buddy got the bartender on the long bars # and we met some girl from WO and went back to the Hilton with them. Soo we didnt get to enjoy the patio cus it was freezing but needless to say it was a killer night, and where did all these fine sexy ladies come from... Woweee!!! sick night and cant believe this place exists in niagara ..its such a toronto spot for dudes like me. I made a res for my buddys birthday next month, cus we are coming back to invade. Negatives are the tables are not secluded from the rest of the club, but they are reaised up. and the patio wasnt open, and the place is only open on Saturdays. CASINO, STRIPCLUB, SEVEN, HILTON !!!! thats the drill next time im in niagara ... my way or nothing !! badabing

Girls night out

Our night started out with laughs and pre drinks at our hotel. Then after about 3 wardrobe changes, we (being my 4 girlfriends and I) ventured out to the club. There was a line, but we had a line bypass thanks to our VIP host. The club was sexy to be honest.. the people, the decor and the bartenders!! :) The music was a little more electronic then i would have liked at the beginning of the night but it was redeemed when they mixed it up a bit. The energy of the bar was live, Ill definitely be thinking of that night for weekends to come!! My next experience @ club seven will have alot to live up too :) I wouldnt have changed a thing!!

Fun in the Falls

went here this past saturday to check out club seven and wow what a great time it was.lots of space to dance & crowd is great, fun times and bottle service was cheap as well. DJ Was amazing. If your looking for something fresh and new check this place out!

Not bad

It had a good atmosphere and crowd, music was good too. Staff members were awesome, even the bouncers. Cover was a ok ..good prices on drinks Overall, it was good night for me.


I was there just recently with my girlfriends and thought with the positive web page it would be fun to check out Club Seven Niagara. I was so upset that our girls weekend ended going to Club Seven.
The bouncers are total idiots on steroids who literally "traveled" the club as they called it to see who they were going to pick on that night. Yeah of course it was a innocent young kid who about 8 steroid injected bouncers picked on. The kid was not even drunk nor where most of his friends. I was personally warned that I could "be taken care" of by a female employee when I did not let the bouncer grope me and told him that no matter how big he was he was still a ugly jerk. "We have females to take of girls like you" A little threatened I would say but it did not scare me
They were pouring cheap booze into brand name bottles and watering it down. Yep we got warned about telling anyone about what we saw and heard! Nice place huh. Fights upon fights and things were taken care of by extorting money from the patrons of the place. THIS PLACE IS A AWFUL PLACE and I truly regret going there to celebrate our girls get together. Please if you want to decide for yourself...........BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!! what you think wont happen to you..........CAN at this club.

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