Crown and Tiger Bar Lounge Reviews

Some Justice for C&T, It Is What It Is

- Cheap, good tasting $10 dollar pitchers of premium beer
-No line to get in, no cover

- Bland decor
-People literally sleeping in the downstairs club (Didn't fully go downstairs)
- A real dive bar

Summary: The other reviews were expecting way too much. This is a good place to go down a quick pitcher or two with a few buddies. The beer supprisingly is really good on tap and the price is absolutely right.

not the right place

I saw the samething with the bouncers, I am a doctore and from Ottawa and was shocked to see 2 specific African bouncers starting fights with the crowd. When in the line up they looked miserable and like they didnt want to let people in. I would not recommend this club, it is not for a mature crowd and it for a crowd the bouncers like. These bouncers that get paid minimum wage should look into finding another job. What a disappointing night, one bouncer shoved my friend for no reason- I think his name was Max. Do not go to crown - these guys are jerks.


Went this past saturday and the bouncers are total pricks there, they think they are all high and mighty and treat people like crap. They have so much attitude, all other clubs the bouncers joke around and have good time but these losers think they are something else. And the bartenders will rip you off so becareful and the bouncer like to start fights with people for fun just to kick them out. I saw this happening. Never again. Crown is not a mature crowd at all.

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