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Dirty Martini Markham

Dirty Martini Markham Lounge Info

Dirty Martini Markham offers a relaxed atmosphere from 5-10pm. The surroundings in this unique urban-chic decor creates an ambiance that is truly spectacular. After 10pm choose one of our twenty private booths inside or on the patio with bottle service and get ready to party with the cities best retro DJ's and live bands. Finally, Dirty Martini Markham, a place where adults can wine, dine and ...

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Venue Type
Thursday - Saturday (10pm-3am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40
800 person capacity, 1 floor + patio

Dirty Martini Markham Lounge Events

There is currently no events posted for Dirty Martini Markham Lounge.

Dirty Martini Markham Lounge Reviews

The Best Club

I am only 2 years at toronto i came from greece dirty martini is the best club very good service very good music everything is perfect. Almost every saturday i go there i love this place.. Bravo!!!

Pleasantly Surprised

Went to dirty martini last weekend and i was surprised to see how busy it was. All the bottle service tables were full and the bartenders were hustling. I'm from downtown and only went to this place cause a friend said the chicks were good looking. I had no idea a local club could be so much better than a lot of the places downtown.


I've been this passed saturday & what a party! Friendly people nice looking girls good music
What more do you need!
I'm going back valentins for bottle service to celibrat my 35 b-day. if you plan to attend come see me i'll be b-side the dj booth.
I highly recommend. This place


Dirty martini needs a photographer!

Always Fun!

I love coming to this club. I have been coming here for years and i am confident to say that this is the best club in the area. The front door guys know me and treat my friends and i like vips, the bar staff has my drink of choice ready before i ask, and the crowd is full of familiar faces. A+++ :)

Great Party

Last saturday was great. We booked bottle service, which meant we had no line and no cover. Our server was so sweet and prompt. She was very diligent, we didn't need to ask for anything, she was on top of it all. And to boot there was ample parking right next to the club, which saved us from freezing.

Easy Night Out

I always have a good night out at dirty martini markham. The attitude among all the staff is friendly, laid back, and easy going. From the front door bouncers to the bartenders, service is exactly what i expect when i go out. A lot of other clubs have a high and mighty arrogant air about them ( especially the tough guy bouncers and snobby wait staff) but this place has a very friendly staff that makes me feel appreciated and welcome. Definitely my go to club on the weekends.

DM Markham

Need to book a dinner reservation or booth package? Contact me at info2@dirtymartini.Ca / 905.477.7800

Dirty Martini Markham....

Thank you for all your help saturday night. Dinner and service was awesome. No complaints!
See you soon!


I had delicious steak dinner, followed by bottle service for my birthday party here last saturday, and must say i had an overall amazing night. The crowd was mature and sexy, the music was fantastic and my server was an absolute doll! I will definitely be back!!!

Most Improved!

Have been frequenting this club for years. I have been seeing a lot of new faces as far as the staff, and they are all friendly and hard working. There is a new manager who
Seems 100% focused on customer satisfaction. I'm super excited for what is still to come from this place. I see a packed house like the old days in the very near future :)

Have to Say...

I have to say that i was pleasantly surprised with this place. Went for dinner last saturday with a large group of friends and the food and service was top notch! Dirty martini is now my go to place north of the city on a saturday night.

Good Night Out

Crowd was mature and sexy, service and music was great, overall an awesome vibe in this club. Will definitely be back

Best Club in Markham

Thank god this place is back!! There is finally a good supper club to go to in markham again. We had dinner and bottle service here a couple weeks ago and me and my friends had a great time, we are going back this weekend. i don't normally write reviews but i was so happy to see this club full again and i want to make sure it stays this way so i have a place to party on the weekends! Whatever management did to bring this place back, keep it up!!! ( the only reason i didn't give 5 stars is because they need more hot hunky male bartenders :) )


Went to dirty's last saturday for my first and i must say that i had an amazing time. The dj was playing great music, the staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was out of this world. I will definitely be back!


Went saturday august 16 2014
Had an amazing time thank you to the staff all were so accommodating will be back 100%
Vip bottle service the best
Music was great thank you for a wonderful party


I heard dirty martini is reopening this saturday and must say i'm really excited!! I stopped going when they changed the name to club yolo but overall i would rate dirty's a 10/10 love the crowd, service is good and environment.


place is a joke, the reason it still exists bc there is a bunch of people who won't go downtown. clown looking dark-haired (tonnes of make-up) bartender overcharges than on other bars. not up to today's competition, the attitude there is that customers are doing them a favour coming in. don't know how management chose hospitality...oh well, there are lots of nicer places


I would like to respond , while at the same time voice my own feelings ,when it comes to reviews , I am a regular at dirty martini ,and although I find reviews to Say more about the reviewer than the review itself most often I would like to offer my own perspective, first dirty martini , is there room for improvement ? absolutely , the service at times is perfect and on occasion may fall short of perfect as natural as human nature, also that same human nature that for some people that carry a negative attitude fueled by a sense of entitlement that gives them in their minds no responsibility or any awareness of their own contribution to their overall experience ,you can't expect to have the time of your life when all you put out is your predisposition to hate and entitlement, sure as a customer you are Always right , but remember to be a customer you must spend money , we are lucky enough to live in a capitalist society where ,freedom and rights are taken for granted , we even get to say anything we want about anybody or any business , but we forget or some of us do , that we must be responsible about how we use those freedoms , more importantly why we have them to begin with , and only because of free enterprise do we have power spread evenly let's not forget the Essence of our society currency capital cash money as long as it keeps changing hands . And profit is made , can that engine keep on running if you can't get what you want for the price you want , you can still write trash and feel vindicated , but you should know its wrong ,and you may be compromising other things like your ability to wear designer frocks or drive some nice imported car , so often unhappy customers are nothing more than people looking for a free ride , we have to take the good with the bad , sure sometimes we have to spend a all lot of money , but we cannot forget that's the price we pay for freedom , and having the right to complain about services we pay for ,in the western world freedom has a price think of the alternative, to summarize keep in mind before you start writing a review that your intention is not spiteful or malicious because you weren't given something you weren't willing to pay for or couldn't afford.


I came across this web site and read some of the comments and critiques . Wow some of them are just unbelievable. Yes some places are not great but when you have such a gap in opinions , something's wrong. With both the place and the reviewers. When someone is treated so bad and needs to voice it, there is obviously something wrong with the person ie Donna the Halloween chick. Things just can't go that bad anywhere you go unless you yourself are unhappy and frustrated with your own life. Unfortunatly there are many people like this and they take it out on whom ever will listen.
I've been to many places in the GTA and never have experienced anything like what some of the reviewers claim they have.
If you are a person who gets caught up on others opinion, then don't go any where in the GTA . But if your an intelligent , rational thinking person looking to JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME, then experience the venues for what they offer. Only you can ruin your good times when you go out anywhere. I give 4 and a half stars to every place I go because no one is perfect.

Thank for reading

Thank you dirty!

I was at Dirty Marini Markham this weekend. I had an amazing nite. We got bottle service and we were treated amazing. Our service was great and she was so much fun and always smiling. I read the other reviews and was surprised. The crowd was mature and hot. The music was so good, my friend even tipped the DJ. My friend spilled his drink and the bouncers made sure no one slipped and had it cleaned up within minutes. Overall it was a great experience. Thank u dirty martini! Will I see u soon :)

Aweful place

I will never go back to dirty martini again. If you want to have a good time with friends, go elsewhere.

Dirty Martini in markham is a dump with very rude bouncers and staff.

Do not go unless you want to waste your time and money.




I know why they call it the Dirty

Went to Dirty Martini last Sat fro halloween. Got a booth, still had to pay cover. Waited over 30mins for our bottle,then didn't see the server for the rest of the night. We had to go to the bar and wait 20 mins for each round of drinks ...defeats the purpose of bottle service. They also didn't provide us with enough mix for our drinks, booth servers, if you read this, you SUCK!!!!!!! you didn't deserve $5.00 let alone the added gratuity of $40.00!!!!!! Plus the food platter we never received, so basically we paid $275.00 for one bottle of vodka. I follwed up with the manger Lisa, who didn't really care, I asked her to forward the complaint to the owner of this incident , she told me to do it myself..
service sucks, manager Lisa is a bitch, and i will never go back there agin!!!!!! Finally spoke to the Owner. He asked me why I"m complaining.. WTF?????
There are more upscale places to go then the "Dirty"...

Great fun!

We had a great time last night at this place. We had a bi group of 24 people, 40-44 years in age. Had to do a lot of research for a good club catering to our age group - and Dirty Martini Markham did not disappoint one bit. Great vibe, good music, good crowd. The only reason I haven't given it a 5 star is because the service was a bit off mark - but still a great place to hang out and have a great night!

White Party

Ok so last Saturday was my first time at Dirty Martini. I was celebrating my birthday with 6 of my friends. I have to say we had an amazing evening! Each of us are moms, which means we don't get out as much as we would like, we were treated like celebrities! The Head Bouncer was talking with us early in the night and bought me a birthday drink! My birthday was announced by the DJ ( Without my friends or I saying anything to him, nice touch!)
Everyone looked great in white! I read the reviews about a mean bitch manager but I never saw her! The bartenders were all smiles and working hard. The music was great! We all decided to make this club out new retreat from our hectic lives! Thank you to everyone at Dirty Martini who helped make my night so special! Especially the Head Bouncer, she was wonderful! Girl Power!

Good time!

Forgot to mention that the only other problem i have is, i have been going to clubs all my life and when you are a regular, i believe you should be on the guest list or be given a VIP pass. I've had those from all the clubs that i spent my hard earned money on going on a wkly basis. This club does not show any prefferencial treatment. At least not to good customers! OMG, how can i forget Bongo Peter! he makes me wanna move. He's amazzzzing and should be there more often. I don't think i'm the only one that feels that way, because i see how the crowd reacts when he starts playing to a different beat........ First time ever wrting a review, i just felt i had to give me 2 cents worth. Peace!

Good time!

I am what you would call a "regular" and frequent Dirty Martini's Markham weekly. Often times friday and saturday nights. When entering, i am greeted my friendly staff "always". The gentlemen at the doors are pleasant, friendly, and make me feel welcome. I do agree though that often times i get "ripped off on my drinks", seems some bartenders think they can do that and have gotten away with it. ( With me anyways) Although i find most of the women bartenders very friendly, there is one i can't stand only because she seems to treat women different than men. She bats her eyelashes at them, and the men foolishly stand in line for her. I don't get it? Although "very pretty" dark hair works at the bar in the back of the club. Why can't she treat us ladies the same? You will notice who she is because NO LADIES are in line waiting to be served by her. I've had no problems with any other women bartenders there i often even compliment them and tell them how i feel about that particular bartender and have heard "she's not popular with them either". Her hollier than thou attitude sucks! Enough about her, just avoid her!! Music, amazing! Heard someone speak of Belinda a bouncer, she is one of the nicest people i have met in a club. I watched her take care of someone who was not well, and that person turned on her (alcohol induced) and still, she acted in a proffessional manner as did the other staff. As far as Lisa the "Manager" goes, one of the bitchiest, unpleasant, self righteous, people i have ever dealt with in an establishment whereas they should be treating you well so you come back. Never has she greeted us with a smile, she has attitude, and i called her about something my friends and i witnessed at the club and she denied it happened!!! Adding insult to the injury is not what a Manager should be doing. What others have written about her is absolutely my feelings. She must be dating the owner for her to have her job still. Hopefully this will not fall on deaf ears and someone will do something about the bartender and Lisa.


Definitely giving it 5 ***** stars friendly and a great place to party I ll be there Friday for sure


I never write reviews but after reading some of the previous reviews , I couldn't help it and had to intervene I too was at dirty martins last weekend , and had an awesome time mostly because unlike so many other places we have all been at one point or another , here we have certain policy's that in my opinion are what sets this place apart first of all coat check is mandatory , so everybody looks like they re out to show some skin it's sexy and makes for a hotter kind of party , I certainly don't need to see dowdy peps with their winter coats walking around I ll go to the mall for that , another worthwhile thing to mention to the person that complains about not being allowed to wear her coat inside and at the same time claims to have her coat pockets cleaned . Inconsistencies on your story or are u fulfilling some personal vendetta maybe you didn't get what you wanted but sometime for the benefit of the majority some unreasonable requests are denied I am glad that ,here at dirty martinis they don't compromised my night out , and once again to all of the staff at dirty martini I thank for giving those who are respectful and intelligent patrons such a great place to get away from 2nd rate bitchy trolls that think it's ok to wear your winter cot inside , stick to your rules I will be coming back as long as I feel that I'm not at the village dance back in the days of prohibition ,. Thanks


Last Saturday I went to dirty martini markham ,we arrived just before 11, it was starting to fill with a great mix of good looking people , we got in really quickly and with no problems , the staff was friendly and professional once inside we had a great time , great music old favorites ,made for a great night out with friends old and new ones a more sophisticated crowd older than what we usually get elsewhere , there was a real great vibe ,highly recommend to anyone just looking to have a great time with no drama

Great weekend

Went to Dirty Markham this weekend. Was greeted at the front door by staff, the place was very busy and the music was fantastic, mix of tastes but all good, they even has an awesome guy on the bongo. Well worth the visit and look forward to going back again with some friends maybe for a birthday party. Bit surprised by the other reviews as we all had a great experience.

Horrible don't go

This place is terrible. Manager Lisa is extremely unprofessional, rude and thinks we are doing her club a favor by coming in. Bartenders overcharge at certain bars and Fridays it's dead and Saturdays crappy music. Also we paid more for our drinks when had bottle service than our friends who got drinks at the bar. Million better places to go to. Don't waste your time unless you want to be treated badly no matter how much money you spend. Think the only good reviews here were written by owners/managers themselves.

Horrible don't go

This place is terrible. Manager Lisa is extremely unprofessional, rude and thinks we are doing her club a favor by coming in. Bartenders overcharge at certain bars and Fridays it's dead and Saturdays crappy music. Also we paid more for our drinks when had bottle service than our friends who got drinks at the bar. Million better places to go to. Don't waste your time unless you want to be treated badly no matter how much money you spend. Think the only good reviews here were written by owners/managers themselves.


Not impressed at all - rude reception, mandatory coat check (not great when you used your pockets because you didn't bring a purse or if you're a smoker), and the considerate waitress for the booth took full drinks away while people were dancing, then cleared off the whole table, including some pocket contents while we were smoking. Paying cover charge AND for the booth was a bit extreme. I won't be returing; I can get attitude and ripped off anywhere


Do not go here....rude management and staff.....bartenders were nice and all had to apoloize for their dumb bitch manager who thinks she is doing you a favor being there.....we did THEM a favor going here instead of downtown....but once we dealt with the manager we walked right out and went downtown anyway....she lost that club a lot of money that night....oh, but she got to keep the $3 from the "forced" coat check.....pathetic plae and they re-serve left over food from table to other tables.....garbage place....


Do not go to this club whatever you do. I went this weekend and at least 30 people walked right out...one table even walked out without paying as the owner/manager lady told them they are a waste of space because the rest of their party had not arrived yet. They forced us to check our jackets even though we had a table for dinner reserved. We were with a large group and ready to spend a lot of money on drinks and dinner but once we dealt with this women owner/manager we said no way and walked out. Along with at least 3 other parties. Instead of good customer service they basically acted like they were doing us a favor instead of understanding we were doing them a favor. They act like they are a club in South beach or even downtown Toronto...so we left and did go for dinner and clubbing in downtown Toronto...thanks to the owner/manager lady, they lost a lot of money that night....everyone that walked in the door to this shit hole had a problem with this manager lady...wish I knew her name...she started yelling at one of my friends because he asked her why the other table was leaving and she said "mind your own business"...he then told her to never speak to him like that again.....the table that left already had food on their table and she took it back to the kitchen and definitely re-served it to someone else.....since when are you forced to check your jacket when you are having dinner at a restaurant...they are just trying to leach money of you by forcing this......even the bartender and several workers were apologizing to us as we were walking out......the manager/owner bitch says we were lucky as we had a last minute reservation...yet the place was empty.....this is a shit hole and Im Really not sure who she thought she was talking to as we have travelled the world and gone to many restaurants and bars and this was by far the worst experience ever......NO one should ever bother going to this shit hole.......the owner/manager is a little puke who thinks she is on some kind of power trip because most likely her boyfriend or husband yelled at her that day...she yelled and bitched to every single person in that place....we are glad we left and when we got outside there was at least 30 people leaving as well for the same reasons...that this lady owner/manager was a little puke bitch...we all went downtown and had a great time....meanwhile, this place which we now call Dirt Mart lost a lot of money.....she has no idea who she was dealing with...and thought we would stay even though she treated us like trash.....meanwhile, we blow a lot of dough...we calculated her losses by averaging out the amount of people that left, and she lost her shit hole at least $5000 that night....it was my firends wifes bday and we were having dinner and ordering bottles.....DO NOT GO TO THIS SHIT HOLE....your night will be ruined....no customer service and the manager was a BIIIIIIAAAATCHHHH....and ugly to boot.....head downtown or Yorkville....stay away from this hole......from the other reviews here I can see this is a common theme....do not go here....garbage...even the workers there were telling us this manager/owner is a loser bitch.....go fuck yourself dirt mart.......

new years eve 2011

What a waste of a night and money.overcharched,didnt feel like new years eve,absolutely no special decor to make the night festive,for the price they charged they could of offered a glass of champage at midnight.Will never go there again nor recommend it to anyone!

Bouncer Is a loser

Went to this club a few times in the past. All of a sudden, one night the "head" bouncer said I was a guy that caused trouble here before and couldn't get in. He mistakes me for someone else. Talked to a manger who was in cloud nine and scared to overrule the apes ruling. What a bunch of losers. Don't waste your time here, go to Ivy or Berlins.

To all you fugly's

Yes this is you! all the of you who have negative things to say about night clubs. You all need to FUCK OFF!! Only you make your night out...not the night club, so if you are a misserable person, you don't belong in nightclubs ( social environment). Remember all you cheap fuckers, nothing is free in life, but laughter :)

Amazing place Excellent party

Hi Sonja,

I would like to say thank you very much for such a great time..!!. Everything was great...!! Friendly bartenders, great music, nice and mature people, the club have a nice clean and open concept...I love it..!!!. If you really want to enjoy your party night and have fun in a mature atmosphere this is the PLACE to go...!!!!


Finally found a great night club north of the city! Great music, hot bartenders, fantastic food and excellent service! Had a little too much fun by the end of the night and a super sweet bouncer totally came to my aid. Lol.
Thanks Belinda! I will definitely be back! VIP service was amazing! Love you DIRTY MARTINI! xoxo


The women at this place are HOT. Dirty Martini markham never dissapoints. As a newly single guy in his 30's its nice to go to a place where the women are women and not young trashy girls. Thumbs up all the way. Music is great, haven't tried the food yet but will soon.


I started going to Dirty martini Markham last year and that's when i met my soon to be husband. We go back together now with freinds for a guaranteed good time. nice to be in a place where the crowd is more mature. The music is always awesome and we love listening to the Bongo player. thanks Dirty martini for introducing me to the love of my life!!

So Much Fun!

It was my first time at the Dirty Martini Markham also my 30th Birthday! we had bottle service. It was exactly that; service...AMAZING!!! Classy, fun, great food and music was all great too. I have to say i have been back many times since and i love to party there. The staff already knows me by my first name!!! I love it!

Dumb ass Sara

Sara you dumb ass, you claimed that DM2 had rats and mice but you went both nights...... this club rocks, it's the newest and cleanest club north of the 401. I love the crowd. I go for the ladies and I do pretty good. Guy's if you want hot mature ladies, check out Dirty Martini 2.


My friends and I were looking for a place that wasn't full of little 19 year olds. We found this hidden gem in Markham called Dirty Martini. From the moment we got to the front door we were greeted with a smile and a friendly hello. The bartenders were fast and always smiling. The place was clean and the people there were there just to have a good time. I definitely recommend this place to everyone.


Hi Sonja: For the past two Saturdays, I would like to thank you for your wonderful service and hospitality. Customer service and satisfaction is very important in the success and operation of any business. You did an excellent job in meeting the requirements. I enjoy going to Dirty Martini's and I would definitely return as a customer. In business, one says that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer. Keep up the excellent work and you should be rewarded. You have beauty, class, intelligence and personality. You have definitely set yourself apart from the other places that I have attended.


The only thing that I want to say about the Dirty Martini is the staff truly sucks, they are truly DIRTY towards customers. They must not forget that customers are what keep them alive. THIS PLACE HONESTLY SUCKS ASS!!!! LOOSERS.


was trying to book for my B-Day and Sonya the manager
Was so rude when I called to get info. She was so upset that I called not in a good time for her.
Was to scared to get bad service so I went to the Marlowe on 7.


This nightclub was actually the most overated waste of time..poor attitudes from staff and manager. Everyone was disrespectful and such an uninviting place to enjoy yourself. The most ignorant person of all is the Manager who could care less about his customers. If you want to have a horible night and be treated terribly then go..i would never recommend this to anyone!! Tables are empty yet reserved..no seating..just a horrible experience overall.


This is the worst I have ever seen. The staff was so rude and did
Not want to assist with anything. The bouncers and management even worse then the staff, Very rude and cocky. Crowd was immature (Drama Queens). Overall the crowd was terrible Not recommended for anyone with a degree of sophistication. Crappy experience. Will never go again.

Rude Manager

Paid $20 cover, walked in 3/4 of tables empty, but all reserved, no seats for my wife and I, Still had our coats on, asked for money back as no seats available, told no, asked for manager, she said no and she would not give her name and walked away. Bouncer agreed with us as he asked us to leave

Waste of time, money and gas

The music wasn't great. Staff very rude and place isn't maintained properly. Either rats or mice running around in the washroom. Food was dry and bland, total waste of both my Friday n Saturday night.NEVER AGAIN

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