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Dolce Social Nightclub and Ballroom aims to bring all the splintered musical and fashionable niches together. This is the factory for manufactured memories! One night it's a destination for the asymmetrical-haircut set just off the Gardiner or DVP, the next it's home to a raucous subculture party, the next it's a musical palace bustling with all socialites & scenesters illuminated by an aurora of ...

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Venue Type
Thursday- Saturday (10pm-3am)
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, R&B
4,800 sq ft, 800 person capacity, 1floor + rooftop patio

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There is currently no events posted for Dolce Social Ballroom Nightclub.

Dolce Social Ballroom Nightclub Reviews

Worst bar in Toronto

Do not waste your time here, if you are a woman, understand that the security is not trustworthy here. I have no ides where they found them. I was sexually assaulted by a random man here. I reported him to a security guard, because the man would not leave me alone. The security guard took him into the corner spoke to him and 15 minutes later came back to me and my friends to escorted us out for "lying", even though there were many witness'. i would never go back here, and suggest neither do you. There are too many good places in toronto to go. Do not go here.


Extremely unprofessional establishment. I booked bottle service and confirmed the reservation with them the day before. The day of, my guests and I were greeted with a closed, lock door without any sort of notice or apology. This place will most likely file bankruptcy within the next month.

Massage 4 U every buddy doce roc

I weally lik to go fiday nyts , lot nic poepl , den wi drink an get weal dunk!!! That ownre he by mi drink to and make mi sit in boot wit 99$ bottle , he roc !!!!! I lub doce!!!!!


I would have given it a negative star but you have to give at least one. This club could not suck more if it tried. The crowd is ugly. The club is tiny and crappy. The booze tastes like it is cheap poured into grey goose bottles. The staff is rude and stupid. Worst club in toronto


plus sides to Dolce

the layout is nice (patio is good for summer months)
friendly door staff outside
the club gets busy

management is unorganized as fuck. the promoters and even the people you call at the club are given incorrect bottle service prices and packages so when you arrive, they fuck your night up by overcharging, and not offering the shit you ordered. last night about 4 different bottle service groups (only the ones i witnessed) were fucked over due to the clubs incompetency, and their willingness to boost prices / boost the bottle minimum the night of.

get your shit together. its not that fucking hard to give people the correct order. im sure people would be willing to pay the original prices if its laid out prior to arriving. if the deal is two absoluts, 6 comps and a complimentary champagne (for bdays) for $375 tax and tip included (on fridays) then dont fucking say its a 3 bottle minimum and disregard the champagne when the clientele arrives at the venue. its simple. if people ask to be placed on a guestlist, then add them on the guestlist. plenty of guestlist requests were ignored. (i was outside watching the guy tell everyone they arent on guestlist)

the crowd at Dolce is pretty much Friday Nights crowd from Rich Nightclub, shipped to a new venue (so its a richmond vibe, due to rich's promoters switching venues)

the music is cool but theres other clubs on king (and even richmond) that are better. dont waste your time or money here. not worth the headache or confusion youll receive at the door. guestlist or bottle service. its a shame how people decide to come to a king street club, and the service is subpar to that of a richmond street club. left dolce at midnight and was treated like jesus at faces nightclub.

ps ive booked hundreds of booths for friends and clients before, first time at dolce so i know what the hell im talking about. just a shame since the djs are good and the overall layout of the venue is superior to that of others


So I am sure everyone saw the flyer that Perez Hilton was going to show face after the MMVA's at Dolce. As a huge gossip lover I was pretty pumped for this! So I went to Dolce and he didn't even show. So lame!!!!!! What kinda of club is soooooo desperate they have to say celebs are coming that are not. Sooooo never going again!

Waste of Time!

We narrowed down the lounge for my friends birthday, and got on guestlist and what not, had 4 guestlists under different names in case people decided to come in at seperate times. We get to the front of the line and find out that my friends name is not on the guestlist, and apparently there was a private event that night that was not advertised on the website at all; thus we were not allowed in the club. However, few of our friends that were on the other two guestlist got in before us and when we questioned them about that, they had nothing to say. Then after continously arguing with the bouncer he said he would let us but not the guys with us, very much ruined the night for us. Word of advice, do not trust the guestlist; they will make up bullshit at the door. We went to C-lounge and had a great night.

Good Times

Was there on Saturday.

The typical:

Pricing - Same as everywhere else on King West

Music - Slightly more house, but not so much more that people who don't enjoy it get annoyed.

Bouncers - They're good to you if you're good to them

The good:

Bartenders - super nice, super fast

Fast service - we got bottles and they refilled everything very quickly and didn't need to ask.

Crowd - Ratio wise, it was 1-1, but the people there were cool and just out to have a great time instead of looking to start *hit.

The bad:

Bathroom setup - Very strange, they have a designated guys bathroom, and these single stalls where both men and women can use. Not necessarily a complaint though, just a bit unorthadox.

Lighting - Compared to most clubs, Dolce is darker inside and they generate smoke on the dance floor. The place isn't that big, but because of the lighting and smoke it can be a bit difficult to find people.

My friends and I had a great time, worth checking out.

Don't Bother

Terrible, Don't Waste your time.
I could sit here and write all the things wrong with the club, but I am not wasting MY time after the worst night I had there and such a crap venue.
If you go, you will see what I mean, and just remember that I TOLD YOU SO!!


Dolce's Insane

Just went there for a halloween event on the 28th, it was packed, there was a nice mix of gorgeous girls and not alot of guys. People complaining about this club really need to get a better crowd to go with because Dolce is bumpin and I had the time of my life and would recommend this club to anyone. The only down side of dolce is that they dont keep updated photo albums, once they get on top of that, I dont have anything to say negatively about the club.

Yuk... !

I have been to two clubs in Toronto... Mink and Dolce.
Both were very disappointing.
Overpriced drinks, terrible music and full of 19 and 20 year olds.
Where are the sophisticated clubs in Toronto... ?


I was there on a Friday night. Not impressed...
$30 for two drinks. Nobody over 20 years old.
Terrible house music.
The clubs in Toronto don't hold a candle to the clubs in Buffalo... !

Dolce should live up to its name!

Hello Management,

I plan to visit your establishment on a hot summer Saturday in July 2011. May I suggest a few items that should be addressed as per reading previous reviews.
First, I plan to "dress-up" in a crisp collared shirt and dress pants. I would be nice if no jeans or T-shirts were permitted.
Secondly, I wish that you would play a "variety" of music to appeal to all clients. Hip Hop and House should represent 15% of the music. You would want to play music of all sorts that "stirs" emotion and stimulates people to drink and move on the dance floor. Why not mix in a little Puccini with modern top 40 and Retro? It has never been done in Toronto. All you get is the Hip Hop genre constantly. There is so much MUSIC out not limit yourselves! Stand out from the crowd...and your lineups will crowded!
Lastly, there should be an area where non-bottle patrons may sit down for a while during the evening. This will allow for socialization away from the dance floor...but not too far from it!
I suspect that the management is Italian. Well, as a fellow "paisano", make sure that your club lives up to its name and make it the "sweet" spot of nightlife in downtown Toronto. I will be very happy, your other patrons will appreciate the "effort" you put into the establishment, and the tourists will spread the great vibe of your night club.
Hope you post this...if not I am still thankful that you have read this analysis of how to get more business.


well 'Frank", if you read the post after it you'd see that the venue has addressed the issue. Anthony's post sounds phoney to me too. So lame.

I'm pretty sick of people (ie other clubs or people who probably couldn't even get in) making ridiculous false claims against (other) clubs that are doing well. It's pathetic. The reviews are meant to be helpful for people who haven't been to a venue so they can get a better idea of what it's like there. Not to fabricate stories about them in hopes of detouring people from going.


This post is in response to 'Financial Planner'-"Anthony" - That is a terrible story. If I were you I would report that to the authorities.


I had a very disappointing experience at Dolce this past weekend. This was supposed to be a fun night out on the town. Our mistake was choosing Dolce as the venue.

Line up: Apparently, there are no guestlists on Saturdays. Was told this on the phone and it states this on their website. Well, this is a complete fabrication. As one person stated before, guestlist on Saturday is based on who you know. One bouncer in particular was very nice. However, there is an older bouncer (looks to be in his 40s) who needs a lesson in customer service. Rude, egotistical and power driven. Very bad attitude.

Dress Code: Type of dress did not seem to affect girls. However, a few guys were turned away for wearing t-shirts with graphic print. Also, shirts must have collars. Evidently, there is a no "white shoes" rule. Absolutely, ridiculous. But be aware, these rules apply to a 'selected' few, as there were many gents in the club with white shoes and graphic tees. I, guess, it all comes down to who you know, once again.

Club decor: Nice, well kept. Lounge area for bottle service. Small, but overall okay.

Bartenders: Nice, quick service.

Music: TERRIBLE. Please note, this was not the house DJ. The guy that spun on Saturday, March 26, 2011 could not mix if his life depended on it. $20 cover to hear noise, not music, just noise. No one danced until about 130 when he started playing Top 40 stuff. This guy did not care that the crowd was not dancing, just played whatever pleased himself. HORRID MUSIC!

Washrooms: Weird. They have a seperate area for guys and about 8 unisex bathrooms. Well kept and clean, but the structure caused huge line ups and it was not as functional as it could have been.

Overall, would I recommend this place, NO! Save your money and try somewhere else. $20 cover is not worth the aggrevation. A few groups that paid for bottle service actually left early! That should tell you something about this place...

Never again

Nice club decor wise. The DJ wasn’t very good... Could not mix at all. He also played house for 75% of the night which was disappointing since I was told when I called in, it would be a mixture of Top 40, Hip Hop and House. It also clearly states no guestlist (on Saturdays) on their website, yet at the door one of the bouncers said if you're not on guestlist then you won’t get in which was absurd. We got in anyway. Apparently their “guestlist” is based on who you know. I also have to say that one bouncer in particular was rude, and possibly racist. He refused to let a friend in due to a "no white dress shoes policy". Mind you, there were guys in the club not only in white dress shoes, but also in graphic t-shirts. Never again will I come to this club. If someone from management happens to read this posting, I suggest you talk to your staff about ethics. You’ll never survive in this industry if you can’t provide the appropriate customer service that should come with the ridiculous $20 cover you charge.

From Dolce Social Ballroom Management

Hi Anthony - I am a manager at Dolce Social Ballroom, and I can assure you that we NEVER charge a credit card without authorization from the client. Nor, do we charge the credit card for anything other than the purchases made by the guest on the night of. Doing otherwise is fraud. I have not dealt with an issue such as the one you described since we have opened, so it seems as though your claim is fabricated. If in fact there is an issue I am not aware of, please phone the office with your credit card information and I will ensure this matter is looked into immediately. Voicemails and emails are always promptly returned at Dolce so please contact us at the office 416-361-9111 or by email

Financial Adviser

I had my recent 30th birthday party at Dolce social Ballroom and we recieved a nice booth with bottle service. I was hardpressed to find out my credit card used to hold the booth was used for random purchases before and after our stay for a total of $3285.00!!!. I was prewarned from friends a few weeks back that some activity happend to them at Dolce aswell but ignored the reference. Its known that they are going through very tough times at the moment but this is rediculous. The worst part was the lack of respect given when I called Dolce and having to fight to talk to someone who even acknowleged our bill. I advise anyone to be weary with there credit cards and this venue.


The place is beautiful and looks good on the inside. The line up is a joke and you do have to wait....
My only prob with the club is that the MUSIC KEEP CHANGING too QUICKLY~!!!! Stop doing that DJ plz! We know you got skills but dont go crazy. ITs very irritating when the songs keep changing so quickly. The cover is too high as well.... 20$$??? NO WAY!
Im takin my business elsewhere....

Will be back again

Had a blast for my girl's birthday. We didn't have to wait that long and we weren't on guest list either. I guess if you look good, well then thats your answer. The doorman actually came and picked us out of the line and brought us in and reduced are cover. So cute. The club was a little to packed but would you rather no one be inside? I'll take that any day of the week. The club looked good, the dj was playing some of my favorite songs. All in all, it was a godo night. Now....just need an excuse to go back again :)

sucks big time!

Thursdays are slow, and they scam you for 10 dollars when there is no one in the club, the music is mellow and the dj is never at the booth and its like he just has a lame playlist going.
saturdays are better, but the staff is stuck up and treat you like crap. some of the music is okay on saturdays and sometimes its not, its really a hit an dmiss, its crowded sometimes to the point you cant walk and you wait forever for a drink.
total waste of time, the people are rude and think they are better then you and very unprofessional


so i wanted to go somewhere awsome for halloween partying.I went online and found dolce ballroom. I called to get on guestlist because we where from out of town ( British Columbia) and was told no guestlist on saturday. Ok fine i'll wait in line. We get there and guess what there is a guestlist Hmmmm so after waiting in line for and hour and a half we finally get in after all the plastic boob people get in by dropping names or just acting like ho bags. There was a 20 dollar cover and the coat check was in the back with WHAT another line!!! The place was about as big as my closet so i checked out the patio and only a small section was open. It made them look like cheapass's like they can't afford staff to have the patio open. The bathrooms were pretty but dark so you couldn't fix your makeup. And the tumbler drinks were and same price as a cooler in a bottle 7 bucks! So i stuck to bottles. I was very disappointed because it's rated as "mature" and it is very far from it. The people were very young and very drunk like a bad highschool party. NEVER GOING AGAIN!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Came here with a friend of mine and we got in (11:05pm) relatively quickly which was great. :) Cover was a bit high but it was worth it for the look the place. The bathrooms are the most amazing thing I've ever seen in over 15 years! Getting a drink was quick too. Then there was the music, which was ok at best. Liked the house and dance music, could have used a little less hip hop (Jay-z and Biggie) and was mixed way too fast. It seemed that songs were changing every 45 seconds to a minute and a half. You couldn't get into anything which was disapointing. Along with the fact that he was constantly trying to scratch or repeat lines in songs over and over and over and over again and not doing it well. It got annoying. Overall, nice club would go again but would like to enjoy dancing to songs not having them spouted at me.



Worst treatment

My friends and I went to dolce on Sat. August 15th.. first of all they let us outside for more than an hour.. when we finally got in,, we were inside the club for around 30 mins. and the mixer got burnt out.. the club had no music for more than an hour,, when we tried to get a refund on the entrance fee.. all the STAFF was so RUDE to us.. they were giving us attitude like it was our fault.. i wasnt paying 20 dollars for 30 mins..of entertainment.. and the securities were very rude.. u know they think they r always right and dont have manners to deal with ppl..

didn't like it at all.. later on when they finally got the mixer.. the DJ was on his own party.. not even leaving 1 song playing for more than 10 seconds..

HATE IT.. never coming bk :oS

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