EPIC Lounge Reviews

Cuban nights

this club plays the best cuban music ever. I really felt like I was back in cuba. I look forward to going back super big club for casino rueda is perfect. Nice wood floors

Salsa lessons

Had so much fun learning some stylish moves on the dance floor. Great teacher!


oh my God I can't believe Mika Mendes will be performing live at this venue. I'm so excited to see Mika in person and to dance with my kizombeiros.

tattoo party

we got our freak on with lots of people with sexy piercings n tats. last dj was good the rest need better music but great spot good service.

Afro Latino Student

I participated in the event put together by Afro Latino Dance Company and I must say it was the best Salsa party I've been to. Yumaniche is a very talented dj and the venue was fantastic. The floors are a compliment to any dancer. Very good job putting this event together. Looking forward to the next Salsa party.

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