Fox & Fiddle Richmond-Hill Lounge Reviews

What a surprise!!

I first came here for a friend's birthday about a month ago and we had a blast! I was surprised at how much fun we had only because i was pretty confused at what this place was supposed to be. It seemed like it was trying to be a nice, relaxing place to eat, but also a place where people come to turn up. I, for one, did both and loved how it was organized time wise. Of course, there were still people trying to enjoy a meal and conversation when the music got loud, but they didn't seem to mind too much. The customers here are also so sweet and friendly! I met a couple of regulars (i forgot their names, both were oriental: guy was tall, cute, very skinny and very drunk. Girl was small, mad cute, skinny-fit) who made the night way more entertaining, and made this place a definite must return in my books! If anyone here has had a bad experience at this place, i urge you to give it another shot if not for the business itself, but for the people you can meet!

...Also the bartenders are super attractive, and that's coming from a straight girl!


The location is the only good thing about this place. The staff is really rude which you will see right from the entrance. The place is dirty and the food is just disgusting. We were there on a saturday night and the place looked like a location for young strippers and their old suggar daddies:-). It was just disgusting and i have never seen anything like this in my life. Lastly, the food was terrible and pretty much inedible.


What an amazing night. Went to the fox & fiddle with my boyfriend to celebrate his bday and had the most amazing time. The drinks and bottle service were great! The music by dj twissted was exceptional. He played a great mix of music…never a dull moment that night. Whether you are with a large or small group, its definitely worth it. It was my first time going, and definitely won't be my last. The atmosphere was the best. The new management and staff were welcoming and really turned things around.


The fox & fiddle is the place to be. My boyfriend and i went there to check it out and were very impressed. The new management and staff were amazing and very welcoming. The food was great and the music was amazing. The dj did an amazing job at keeping it live and knows his stuff and how to keep the crowd going all night long. We ended up staying right to the end. I will definitely tell my friends and recommend this place. This will be my new going place on thursday, friday and saturday nights.

Great place to be

I went there to had dinner on a friday night and end up staying with my girlfriend to party ..Great staff great music dj was on point with every song he played ...I will be tell all my friends to come next time ..


This bar is gross. The bartenders there are complete whores. The one that works all the time has to be at least 35, small girl, brunette, tits and ass hanging out and totally disgusting. I'm almost positive that her and the owner are sleeping together because she spends more time flirting with him then she does serving costumers. I actually know a couple guys she slept with who are regulars at the fox and fiddle. Seriously, if the staff weren't so disgusting i'd be a regular. I can't stomach putting a shot glass in my mouth that a shameless whore just touched.
Mr. Unimpressed.


Not only does this place hire bartenders and servers who don't know what they are doing, the owner also has no idea!! He is an old man who runs around drunk all the time and complaining!! He hit on me and my friends who are only 20... He must be in his 60s!! He turned me off so badly my friends and I will never return! Oh.. And I have to mention that there is a bartender there that runs around with her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom and she must be at least 30-35. So disgusting!! The place has no class at all!

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