This venue is permanitly closed.

F Stop

420a Wellington Street, Toronto, ON, M5V 1E3

F Stop Lounge Info

F-Stop is discreetly located in an alley behind 420 Wellington Street West. The alley can also be accessed between the Firkin Pub and Rodney’s Oyster Bar from the South side of King Street. 3,300 Square Feet (multi-tiered floor plan), accommodates a capacity of 250-300 people. 500 square foot private outdoor patio 2 full service bars 1 “Champagne bar” on the patio 9 VIP booths ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Hip Hop

F Stop Lounge Events

There is currently no events posted for F Stop Lounge.

F Stop Lounge Reviews

Do not go here unless you like being assaulted

The bouncer here smashed my bf's head into a wall while he was peeing for no apparent reason. We are now pressing charges against this club. This place is ghetto as hell and they hire thugs.

There are better places

Chose to check it out for a girl's night out, chose to go elsewhere.

Kicked us out of booth to resell...

Completely outrageous. Came here for my sisters birthday, she had a table and had 6 bottles halfway through the night we're told to clear our table? No reasons given, bouncers came and told me they don't know what's happening and told everyone to clear the table. Of course, i'm asking the guy who managed our bottles what's happening and his reason and he said "the managers husband is coming in, we need to clear the table, we need to resell it"
His reasons did not make sense. and he said i was talking to the wrong person and called a manager for me.
I have been to countless clubs and establishments but when you purchase bottles and have a booth, we always have it until the end of the night. What is this? Just because somebody else needs it we get kicked out of my sisters booth?
Management came to speak to me after and she was just as confused as to what was happening, trying to offer shots as compensation.. Our party of 20 guests who have come from far away were just as confused and i was completely blown away from this.
In the end, the manager ended up giving us back our booth and threw in some champagne and vodka. I'm happy that it was taken care of but i was completely appalled and angered by this nonsense.
To kick your guests out of the booth, they have purchased for the night.. To resell? What the hell is this? Packed club to the point you can't even move and now you're trying to sell the booth we're in?
Don't think i'll be coming back here again .

Event Coordinator

Worst experience ever! My girlfirend and i showed up at 11:15pm on friday may 29th. My friend was wearing some nice flat sandals and was told that she was not allowed in because her sandals where a liability. We were informed by the bouncer that if she was to buy the "shoppers flats" that we would be allowed in. We explained to the bouncer that the "shoppers flats" where more of a liability than the structured sandals with mini heal that she was wearing but the bouncer insisted that we were lot allowed in unless we had the proper footwear. So we proceeded to the shoppers on king and peter to buy these shoes they insisted on us buying to get into the club. When we arrived back at 11:45 pm the bouncer told us to wait and had a side conversion in his earpiece and informed us that because we had told him that it would be easier to be safer in our current sandals then the shoes that they were proposing that we were not allowed in the club because we were a liability. i am sorry but 28-year-old and 30 year-old is not a liability for a club. We were looking to meet up with her friends and have a fantastic evening but were denied because a bouncer had his power trip and decided that we were insignificant and not worthy enough to go in. I don't man to brag but we are two good-looking girls should not be a problem with allowing into a club, regardless of what shoes we are wearing. The fact that we had bought the shoes that they insisted on us buying and yet we were still declined infuriates me. I advise that no one ever go to this club because the bouncers have no respect and are on an obvious power trip do not know what they're talking about. Not worth the time of your night.

Very Disappointing Experience

Terrible experience provided by bar and management. i ordered bottle service for the night of my birthday. The sole objective of our waitress seemed to be to pour alcohol down our throats and get us off the table so she could sell it to another group before the nights end. On top of that was handing out shots to people surrounding our table who were not even apart of our group! If i am going to pay $600 for a tiny table and 2 bottles i would at least expect that i can take my time in drinking the alcohol i ordered and be not rushed and pushed to consume it. Please note there were mostly girls in my group drinking this and i think it is quite absurd that we would have to finish 2 bottles of vodka within an hour of arriving so that f-stop can make another sale on my reserved table for the night. I am absolutely dissatisfied and frustrated with the events that transpired here. Instead of being treated with respect and courtesy, i felt taken advantage of. When i decided to bring this to management the following week, they acted very concerned during our call, but then ignored my e-mails to avoid facing the problem. A huge let down.


What a trashy place. Dirty, drunk crowd, peeing on the building outside, vomiting. It should be closed for all possible legal nd human infractions. Avoid at all cost.


Terrible place, over priced and will not go back again

Shitty club

What was once a decent club, that was a little different than the rest is now nothing more than a small piece of shit club. The only thing that was good about it were the tables considering the main ones are right on the dance floor if you're ready to spend which is all fine and dandy however they have been overselling now therefore if they promise you a certain table they won't deliver and WORSE yet they sometimes don't have a table for you! yes that means they will take your CC and hold a deposit on it and make sure they charge you if you cancel however when you show up with all your friends expecting bottles service and fireworks for your event they might inform you that you shit out of luck, if you're willing to take that chance this is the place for you.


This establishment must have a huge sign on it that reads "sluts, scum of the earth and white trash come this way." I went here for what was supposed to be an enjoyable evening. Only to have my lovely and kind friend punched in the face for absolutely no reason. Then to top it off the staff treated us like we were the criminals. I am way way too old to deal with this shit. They market themselves as a 25+ but the disgusting slim they let in the bar were clearly younger. I will never go to this place again and hope that it gets shut down. If you are looking to hang out with pretentious bitches who have a combined IQ of 7 then by all means this is the place for you. But don't be surprised if you get a drink poured on you or a swift punch to the face.

Not Worth Anyone's Time

1. Don't bother making the trip to Toronto for this place-not worth it
2. Don't put your name on guest list-they don't let you in anyway, and won't let you in unless "the tables have been seated" - last time I checked, clubs don't have "tables"
3. Manager is a walking contradiction-thinks he has so much power- buddy, you are a manager at a night club-grow up and get a real job that will actually pay you decent money
4. Rude and very unprofessional door staff

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