The Guvernment is now closed.

Guvernment Info

Directly across from Lake Ontario sits downtown Toronto's hottest club mosaic, The Guvernment Nightclub. Canada's largest, longest-running and most impressive entertainment complex, it features eight distinct venues - each with leading-edge lighting and sound capabilities. At the center of it all is arguably one of the best dance club experiences in North America. The Guvernment Nightclub main ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Students
Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B
22,000 sq ft, 2 Floors, 6 Rooms with Patio

Guvernment Events

There is currently no events posted for Guvernment.

Guvernment Reviews

Security, just hostile.

Security always looking to confront paying patrons, i have been there 3 times and all seem to be all negative (pepper sprayed in a crowd randomly(everyone in general area sprayed), maced by security trying to apprehend individual, and confronted by security for no reason otherwise then being a smartass). It is obvious that they pay the right people to stay open to abuse patrons. You can say whatever you want about the club itself but the security is just plain garbage who like confronting paying patrons. I wish there was a way of reporting these security individuals who make it their business to spoil a good tie otherwise then going through a police investigation.

The hot steam bath venue

Worst venue/night club i have ever been to!!!!!! This place gets as hot if not hotter than steam bath with absolutely no ventilation (no joke !!). They run there speakers so hard that by 2-3 hours in it just sounds like bassy synth noise. Expensive as hell for drinks. If you planning on possibly seeing one of your favorite dj's here, you will spend most of the night looking at a big black boring dj booth 6ft above the stage that occasionally comes down to eye level. (my opinion there are better venues out there).

saturday nights

very bust and amazing crowed. BEST DJs ONLY APPEAR HERE!! definanly the best place to hit up on saturdays

The club is what YOU make it

Ive been once and had a blast, music was great nice crowd, that being said ur night being good depends on ur attitude, i can have fun no matter what the bathrooms look like, lol. I can make any party a good vibe, but thats jus me...~`life is short, u only live once~...calm down people, u dont like it maybe u should calm down and do summit about ur miserable outlook on life, before you know it will be to late...... party like no ones watching....but most of all have fun, appreciate what we have and live life happy!


Brought to you by the same losers that gave us Play on Queen.
Sucks ass.

i stay in surface

over all club is cool. Surface rooms cool nice decor wazhrooms reasonable and muzic is good cud have a better balance between reggae and hiphop but overall its cool.. I dk what everyones hating on. Mind u i dont bother with all the rooms


ce sucks, i dont like getting all done up, to be covered with sweat, makeup running and come out like trash after feeling claustrophobic and security dude wouldnt let me use bathroom! Crazy! 3 times and never again, THIS IS VIP INCL. Folks, yes big $$$$$. But realize that to anyone these ppl would look incredibly odd to the sober, and r highly enlighted individuals do to the glory of M, G, K, E and any other shit u can find in that mix is why they charge just as much for water than alcohol, cause most do not need it! Avoid comfort zone, and every other one of these. The M is worth it, but not there i think!!!!!

Place sucks!!!

This place sucks big ....!! It will never be like the old RPM club . Who ever runs this place should find a new hobby .
Never go here for new years

Best place to party.. for some people

Now ive only been here on big event night when big dj's come so m not to sure about regular nights that being said, this place is by far one the best times you can have IF you come to party hard rage out till the morning and listen to some insanlly loud music but if your the type that likes to wear clothes that worth more then most people make in month and want everyone to notice how many bottles you buy not quite your place

DJ sucked

Last time I went to this club, no one could enjoy the music because the Dj didnt know how to be quiet, he ruined it for everyone! Your not there to listen to someone screaming non sense into the mic


never ever go here!


I hate that place. I hate it like there is no tomorrow that place has rats and faces on the walls and floor, I also saw somebody pooping themselves, with their pants off!

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