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80 Interchange Way Unit B, Vaughan, ON, L4K 5C3

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Ivy Social Club has made its debut at just the right time in Vaughan, providing a desperately needed spark to the city’s lagging social life. Led by a distinguished team of owner, managers, and in-house marketing experts, Ivy’s stunning level of service and sophistication provides the perfect upscale atmosphere for business and social engagements. A striking and sumptuous 1940’s Vegas-style ...

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Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)

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Ivy Social

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IVY Saturdays

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Ivy Social Club Nightclub Reviews


This club is a complete joke. I never waited in a line when i was 20 and i'm supposed to wait when i'm 40? Really? Doormen are all rude. Billy from b&a did the best job promoting that place. This shit hole is not worth a penny cover letter alone 10 bucks. They can take this rat hole and shove it. I will be in yorkville with the estute crowd instead.

Dissapointing Place & Nasty Manager

Very disappointed the way myself and four of my girlfriends were treated. So was on a guest list but because i didn't mentioned (and they didn't ask) we all ended up paying $10 entry. When i realized that we shouldn't pay, than i told the lady at cash that girls are free bf midnight she said no. And even than she didn't mentioned unless you are on a guest list which she should have. i than showed her the website and she was clueless, what a moran, and she works there...Hahaha...Joke. So than i spoke to the manager and she said that once the money is taken they do not give it back. what kind of bul@#$ is that??! I was so mad thats reduculous cause my name was on the guest list right in front of the. I guses ivy is hurting for money because they will get richer by taking our $50. Losers. The manager offered me a drink...One friggen drink and they got $50 dollars from us?! Again, what the f@#$. Seriously, if anything she should have offered min. Two drinks for each of us and we're were parry of five. Still i was not gonna met that spoil our night because i'm cool that way and i'm a better person than the lady manager. there is a lot of old and i mean old people. Like your mom and dad or even grandparents at that place. I swear i saw a 70 year olds in there. The only good think about ivy is the music. So in overall the place sucked and i wi'll never nor my friends step our foot it there and we will spread the word.

need attention from owner please

The manager, blonde and rude non professional person must go, seriously only adequate comments, she has some problems and deals with customers unprofessionaly, it is first time i see such unprofessional manager who with female customers go in a fight, are you manager or just somone decided that you might be one???? Manager does not deal with customers by fighting and pushing.. I do speak from prospective of my wife, but no professional manager would use force against its own customers.... So shame to the person who decided putting you in charge... Really sorry about situation... Any questions please call 416 902 12 52 zurab gugushvili... My wife was involved in this shameful accident... No ofence to owner, club is ok but really bad and unprofessional expiriance from manager... Question : how do you decide manager??? we, me and my wife are both professionals and are suprised negatively... :(


I was looking for club for older crowd and let me tell it was old 50+! Music horrible. But the service including bouncers/security was just unbelievable! Unprofessional, rude just trying to stir the situation because they are bored! if you want to be safe avoid this club!

Loved It

Went to ivy on a saturday night it was jammed packed! Music was fantastic, staff was kind and genuine, and the drinks were reasonable. I will defiantly be going back !

Never going back!

Ok so i understand the cover but what's up with leaving a tab with the bartender for 2 drinks n after the fact i left a tab with her she tells me i need to drink more n the tab has to be more then $40 dollar????? Does the club want me to get a dui???? Total bullshit! !! Never going back again!!!

Amazing Night

I have been to ivy, numerous times, and have enjoyed each night. Great atmosphere, music and people. Staff are warm and friendly in comparison to other clubs i have been too. I will continue to go to this great venue and am looking forward to halloween. If you're looking for a great night out, ivy never disappoints.

Won't Be Back

There was a ten buck cover per person and music totally sucked until about midnight when it started to improve somewhat. The place doesn't come alive until about midnight. Found the staff and owners to be very pretentious and the drinks and food somewhat overpriced. Absolutely no place to sit and if you wanted to dance you had to put your purse on the floor....Thought we would give it a try but will not be returning. There are far nicer places to eat, drink and dance!


My husband and i had dinner at the ivy social club this past saturday night and we thought the staff was fantastic, the food was well prepared and nicely presented. we loved it! we are average people who woudl normally eat at chains like the keg or milestones, so not "ivy league" just down to earth people and i can't say enough abou the whole evening. the staff are all gorgeous, the crowd was late 20s up to 50 but mostly in between. it was a great time and would definately go back! l&r

Amazing Time!

I came to ivy to celebrate a friend's birthday last weekend and we had an amazing time. 7 of us had dinner around 8:30 pm upstairs. The place is beyond gorgeous i have never been to a nicer club. Our server was doug, he was awesome and knew what to recommend for all of us. The manager knew it was my friend's birthday so he sent us a round of shooters which was very nice.

At around 11 pm we went downstairs to our booth. We also had bottle service that night. The hostess greeted us and asked us how our night was and made sure everything was perfect. Our server was so nice, she knew it was my friend's birthday and came out right away with a round of complimentary shots for us. The music was phenomenal, we were dancing the entire time. At around 12:30 our other friends came by and our server made sure they got in without a problem and the hostess walked them to our table. The photographer came around and took our pictures, and because i don't have facebook, the server got my email and said she would email them to me. I was surprised she actually emailed them to me within 2 days!

We will definately be coming back here for our next birthday party. The service was exceptional, we were treated so well all night!

halloween scam

Ivy's 2013 halloween party was a major scam. Not only did they advertise a $1000 cash prize, but they never had the contest,
Leaving people with outstanding costumes high and dry.
Avoid this racist scam bar.

Horrible club

This is a club, probably owned and operated by Jewish people. They are very racist, no brown or black people are allowed as though they are not on a guest list, which has never existed. Music really sucks, no hip-hop, pop music is played because owners and attendees are pure white. Shame on those, who run such a nasty business.

Beware of Racists


We decided to check this place out and drover all the way from Mississauga last night.

Me and my 4 friends were turned away after standing in the rain for 30 minutes. The reason being that we were not on the guest list and the humiliating part was that people behind us were passing us by and allowed inside while we stood and watched. The difference between them and us was that our skin color was not white. None of these people going inside we're on the guest list either as after a while I asked many groups of individuals that were they on guest list to which all of they told me that no they weren't. Its very sad to see this attitude on the part of Ivy!! Especially considering the city and country that we live in.

I would like who ever reading this to think for a second how humiliating it is to be treated this way! No doubt it's a good venue with good crowd but this attitude is seriously flawed. I'm not one to throw the race card but there is no other explanation for such treatment.

To the management of Ivy: I dare you guys to put up a sign outside saying "No colored people allowed". This is not the end of this incident, you guys will hear more about this. I'm already talking to people in the media!


Horrible Service

So it was our first and LAST time at Ivy. We were invite by a friend to Ivy on Friday. She was a guest of the DJ and had reservations and a booth... My friends and I decided we wanted to purchase a bottle, we asked the waitress serving our booth for prices. She rudely said that the price is 260 and that the club only served Grey Goose and nothing else. I decided to ask the doorman to call the VIP manager. She apologized for the waitress and was happy to get us any bottle we wished.... unfortunately, the same waitress came back around and continued being rude an giving us attitude. After speaking to manager and letting her know that they have horrible service and servers... we left shortly after.

Bottom line:

Service SUCKS! Rude waitresses... not worth the money.

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