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The London Tap House is fun, safe, clean and always ready to serve and make your time with us memorable. Opening hours are Tuesday to Friday from 5pm to 2am, located on 250 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Ontario and our staff is always ready for your next stagette, social gathering, corporate occasion and special event. he London Tap House has three excellent parties lined up for you weekly. On ...

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Venue Type
Thursday - Saturday (5pm-2am)
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, R&B

London Tap House Nightclub Events

Dance Party

Dance Party

Saturdays @ London Tap House Nightclub

London Tap House Nightclub Reviews




The title and rating says it all

What happeend to the DJ????

When i last came to this place, couple Saturdays ago, the DJ was amazing. Did you guys go out hire a low budget guy or something?!?


Went to this place, had a good time with the girls. Drinks are expensive but whatever.


This place is ok i guess, it has its ups and downs. The drinks are kind of expensive, but which nightclub isn't these days. The patio is absolutely beautiful. It just takes a lot of stairs to get to it lol.
Overall i think it is a good place to party.

Decent crowd

If your looking for a club mainly for University & College students, this is the place to go. The club on Saturday was completely packed that i had to go to the patio for some air. The patio is amazing, i can only imagine whats it like during the summer. Will be going there again.

Sweet & Sour

So me & my girl friends went to this place on Saturday, omg it was totally way too crowded, the DJ played some awesome music though. The drinks are a bit pricy, but it is a club after all. The patio i think is the highlight of the night. To get to it however is a challenge.

House Muzik

So me and a couple friends went to this club last night, the atmosphere was great. The music was the excellent , the dj played top 40s, mainly dance and house. The patio was amazing, the problem was that it was raining.

Its okk.....

I guess this place is ok... It has a nice vibe, however has way too many stairs.
The patio is really nice


Omg i went to this place on Saturday.... at first the outside looks amazing. The moment you step in your like WTF happened. The patio is nice, the cowboy outside needs to go.

worst service ever

i will never go here again, worst service, rudest staff ever.
went there on a thursday with my student id and they refused to let me in even though it says "THURSDAYS AT LONDON TAP HOUSE NO COVER ALL YEAR LONG WITH STUDENT ID"
and it was dead, so there was no reason to try to charge me cover.
i absolutely hate this place.


This guys really need a new DJ, he was all over the place, the crowd was decent, way too many stairs. I think the place needs a renovation. Patio is amazing btw.

It's alright

Patio is sooooooo cool! I just wish I was hit on by some staff and wish they payed attention more to when I was. Otherwise they played most of the music I requested and the DJ is seriously the party.


i didn't even see this place or knew it existed until someone from a pub crawl or whatever said they went here. I regret that decision right away. i had such a hard time finding the place because it's located at dumb**** nowhere.

some of my friends were rejected because they didn't look like their foreign i'ds. its like the security guards haven't even seen an australian id. I let that slide for a bit till the bar was ridiculously expensive! 6 dollars a beer! and the bartender was rude and was hinting at a tip. I know you should tip but like don't hassle me for it.

glass was everywhere and I got a few pieces inside my shoes. dj was clearly faking it when i went over to the booth to request a song. which was retarded cause he would say "ohhh ya man we were gonna play it anyways" and they don't even have the courage to tell me otherwise.

saw this waiter or server girl and signed up for a chance to win a party and it was all fine and dandly until they called me and told me I had won a party. cool. i found out from my friend it was a scam and that they caled everyone on the win list or whatever. worst was when i had multiple time they call me back telling me i won a party.

that was when it all came together. the patio was pretty cool and alright but like my friends kept getting hit on by some of the security staff and felt so uncomfortable. no amount of alcohol could've made it better.

I don't suggest this place as a last resort. It's dirty, food is disgusting, drinks are expensive, staff are miserable to talk to and look at, and all they care about is when their shift is done.

Typical European Bar

I don't know what the hell the owners are thinking, the outside of the club/bar looks amazing, the moment you enter it looks like an European Bar turned into a club.
The one thing i must say i did enjoy was the atmosphere & patio, patio looks amazing.



Beautiful Patio

Went here for my girl friends birthday, first of all the staff are extremely friendly including the bouncers. It has an amazing relaxed / party vibe for a club. The only drawback is the huge amount of stairs to the patio, but its worth the climb.

Opposite of pretentious

I've been to many clubs throughout North America and if there is one thing I've learned, it's not to waste my money on overcrowded venues with rude staff. This is the number one reason I like LTH. Staff is extremely friendly (bartenders especially). The place is NOT crawling with stuck up douches (like most Toronto bars) and the music is decent. There is lots of room to move around and although the stairs are a drawback, the second floor overlooks the dance floor which opens the place up a lot. There are bars EVERYWHERE so no matter what, you can find one with a free bartender.

Ultimately, if you're looking for a place where you won't be judged on your outfit or stalked by creepy guys - this is definitely the place for you! Essentially - it is a bar with a good dance vibe!

Good Night

Went to this place on Saturday, tickets were a bit pricy but i guess it was due to Halloween. What can i say except it was a good night, way too many stairs however but it was worth the climb to the patio. It was also really crowded, but again Halloween..

Amazing Night

Went to this place on Saturday, the DJ was amazing. The only real shitty thing was it was raining but it still had a good turn out.

In need of a DJ

These guys really need a DJ!!

Great place

Cool place to party. Loved the patio.


Went to this place with a couple friends & o my.... That is all lol

4 Floors

Went on Saturday, i must say its not a bad place to party. It has a really pub / club look & atmosphere.

The staff were really nice & friendly

The patio is amazing!

Went to this place on Saturday, me and my girlfriends had an amazing time.

The patio had a stunning view, perfect summer night.

The only negative thing i could think of was the fight that took place on the dance floor in the basement level, but the bouncers took care of it asap and professionally.

Had a blast!!!

This place is awesome, first of all the service is amazing. I had lost my iphone & ken the bouncer messaged my friend saying to locate the nearest security staff member to get it back. I expected it to be long gone but thanks to the staff at the tap house i got it back.

Greatest place to party if you're a student!!!!


THEY PLAYED BARBIE GIRL... the first time i heard that song was at my first school dance in kindergarten

Had a great Night

I go out very often and o thought that london tap house was a very nice bar lots of fun. love the stage and there was no underagers there dont listen to those other reveiws this place is great i will back again foesure

Great Patio!

The patio is open now! Best rooftop patio in the city.


I wish I read these reviews about this fucking shit bar before wasting my life here!! Your paying $10 to be in a bar thats like 3 floors high and your constantly walking up and down 100 stairs to hang out.with underagers and wanksters... the place is a disaster with vomit everywhere and sticky floors.. whoever runs this place is a fucking moron

Please do yourself a favour and STAY AWAY from this place... dont even waste your time here and dont listen to the doormen there all fucking idiots lying to ppl saying its so busy in there when there is not even 150 ppl .

never again!

partying at the london tap house, i felt like i was at chuckie cheese. im 23 years old, got checked for id at the door, and it seems like every girl looked like they were 15 years old! wtf?! believe what everyone says about the washroom, puke every where! drinks were pretty expensive, and the music was horrible! they couldnt even keep a consistant playlist! hire a proper dj, and maybe you would get more ppl to go! and stop letting in these little kids with fake id's in please!

London Tap House Fucking Sucks!!!

This is definitely the worst fucking club in Toronto!! I went to this place on a SATURDAY NIGHT AT 11pm and talked to the door guy (who was was in a fucking cowboy outfit and 60 years old, first bad sign) and asked him out it was in there? He said were pretty busy in there so i paid the 10 cover to walk 1000 stairs up how many floors to find mayb 150-200!! Vomit all over the washrooms and the rudest staff iv ever met!!

This place is a complete shit hole and anyone who wastes there time and goes to this place needs a serious reality check to the great bars and clubs in Toronto

Gay porn > Club

Id rather masterbate to gay porn then go to this club


i'd recommend another bar. For the venue and crowd, this place is over priced and it doesnt get that busy. $7 beers? just no. $15 cover to a place with a similar vibe as the brunny? no.


Pretty sure you can catch AIDS there!!! I went to take drink from my glass and it had lipstick on it... 2 completely different shades. WTF is that? way to hand out free champagne that is pink and flat. had to be over a week old!!! then all night i had cheap loser on me without even offering to me buy a drink... one guy ask if wanted to buy him a shot. they really get the guys in there. basically this is a club for losers.. cheap ones! my friend were right when they ask me.. "why the fuck do you wanna to the tap house?" seriously on a friday night they had 200 ppl there. waste of my time. wish i had that night back! oh not to mention i also cut my foot on broken glass and there are 439000 stairs to get anywhere... go anywhere but this place unless you like getting hit on by cheap ass foreigners and really shitty music that you can't even try to dance to.


went there with my girlfriend and pretty sure we almost threw up when we saw the bathrooms. there was no toliet paper in any of the stalls and puke everywhere! we still ended up sticking around and made our way to the main dance floor after a maze of confusion and stairs.. BUY SOME SIGNS PPL!!!
we made it to the DJ booth to find some kid dancing infront of two unplugged turn tables and a couple of laptops.. This club doesn't even have a DJ they stream music from the Tap House in hamilton. we talked to one of the bartenders and they said the used to have a DJ but they got rid of him cause the owner only likes a certain type of music and i've spent some time mixing myself and this DJ in my opinion FUCKING sucked!
if you're in the neighbourhood.. save yourself some money and your dignity and got to 244 or even croc roc.. at least drinks are cheaper and the music is better.


Me and my friends had a really good time there.

Great music, and also a nice athmosphere.

Couldn't go wrong with LONDON TAP HOUSE!

Great music!

I loved the club! The music was so cool! Had a great time.


Garbage. Just about covers it.


My best friend and I celebrated my 24th birthday here and had soooo much fun. Best birthday ever. The people were great the music was awesome and the rooftop patio had an amazing view. A great place to go to dance and meet new people :)


Celebrated my 20th birthday here and could not have asked for a better venue. They held true to no cover for me and cheaper cover for my friends on the guest list. Got a call from them beforehand and they made sure to answer any questions I had. The patio was gorgeous and had an incredible view of the city. The music sounded like it came straight from my iTunes- they played everything from top 40, to 90's, to rock ballads. The staff were also really nice and helpful. They had multiple floors so you could choose if you wanted to go somewhere that's very crowded or less crowded. I had an incredible night and highly recommend it!!

Not Worth It

Went to this place fall of 2010 still under renovation but that's only half an excuse. The service sucks and the drink prices are ridiculous as in $7 for Molsen Canadian. Back when this place was The Underground same drink was $1.50. The music was meh and the crowd is all 19-20 and drunk for the first time. DJ didn't really care what he was doing.

The place could get better but unless they either class it up or lower the prices it's not a good place.


Honestly, i dont know what you two are talking about, this place is wicked. It isn't anywhere close to being a dump. I guess it depends what the aim of your night is-for example, just to pick up chicks or dudes then perhaps not. This is like a bar/club and if you are looking for a classic, good ol' drunken time then this is DEFINITELY the place to go. one of the best places i have been to in toronto, and i have been to a fair share. Prices are fair. They play maintstream hits mostly, and a few way back play backs like from Grease.

Not a Fan

My friend loves this place so I always end up going and seem to forget how bad it is. Always getting hit on my creepy old men in their 30's + , the music is not that great they play too much old stuff, the dancing boxes are interesting. At lease you can find a place to sit when your feet hurt girls, other then that, not the most exciting place.

This place sucks

Such a horrible club experience. The place is a dump. If you like hiking up and down stairs all night, over priced drinks and bartenders that have no idea what they are doing this is the place for you. The dance floor is sticky, bathrooms are a disaster and I had fruit flies in my shots. This place should be shut down. Horrible experience. The dj is crap too. Will be playing top 40 and will then jump to spice girls, will jump to frank sinatra, and then jump to r&b. And house songs randomly thrown in all over the place. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. Avoid like the plague, which you would probably catch if you come here more than once.

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