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Lost and Found

577 King Street West, Toronto, ON, M5V 1M1
647 995 5772

Lost and Found Info

"Not all those who wander are lost" Inspired by a sense of adventure intertwined with the sweet sadness of fading memories: Lost and Found presents a unique space for your discovery. Located in the heart of King West on the lower level of a hundred year old building, the space wears the history of another era on her walls. In a community ever-changing we aim to offer an experience like no other: ...

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Venue Type
Hipster, Young Professionals
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop

Lost and Found Events

The Wilderness

The Wilderness

Mondays @ Lost and Found

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Fridays @ Lost and Found

Hide N Seek

Hide N Seek

Thursdays @ Lost and Found

Who What Where

Who What Where

Saturdays @ Lost and Found

Lost and Found Reviews

not good

If you are looking for a good party. this is not the place. this club is mediocre at best.

1. the staff are great, super friendly.
2. free coat check
3. $20 is way too much cover for what you get...Which is not a good party.
4. no line, little to no wait, there is a crowd inside.
5. this place has a very "underground" vibe.

Here is the big thing >>>> the music sucks. this place is not top 40. the dj spins his own thing, and there are no hits... No anthems... You are not coming here to get some good dancing. you won't recognize a single song they play.

It has potential.. But the music is terrible.

Super nice bouncers, great music

First of all, i'd like to say that i am a black woman and did not face any type of discrimination whatsoever in this establishment. the bouncers were extremely nice and respectful. I was almost about to not go based off of all of these negative reviews but i'm so glad that i went! My friend and i got there around 12 and were let in immediately. inside, the music was top notch and great for dancing. All in all, we had a really great time!


Have to agree with most of the comments on here even if some are repeat posters. bouncers are a bunch of tossers. Clearly failed in life and their only solace is found in turning well dressed people away (esp. Visible minorities). The small guy with the nose piercing is a complete twat, thinks he's hard but if i were to ever catch him on his own i will not hesitate to tear him a new asshole. Avoid


This club doesn't even deserve one star. Showed up at 11 pm, to celebrate a friends birthday who had a booth and bottles for the night. Half of my friends got in earlier and me and my 4 guy friends (i'm a female) showed up about 15 minutes later and were told we had to wait in line even though we told the bouncer we had guest list. After waiting for 30 minutes, the bouncers walked through the line and hand picked girls to let in. Within the 30 minutes i spent waiting, over 30 people (all girls and their few male friends that tagged along) got in. This club is absolutely sexist and if you don't know someone that works there, don't plan on getting in before 12:45.


This club is ridiculously racist and sexist as the title may suggest. Bouncers are rude and signing up for guest list doesn't mean anything unless you're a scantily clad white girl. The wait in line is very long regardeless of what time you show up because the bottle service line people 'have to be escorted in first' however girls in the line who are not visible minorities are chosen to enter regardless of whether they're even on guest list or not. Don't waist your time.

RACIST + SEXIST, if you're coloured or sensible, don't go here!!

Every comment posted here is correct!! Myself and my friends are beautiful coloured girls who act and dress appropriately, yet the 2 times we tried to go to this awful club not only did we have to wait over an hour before being told they were at "full capacity" but we were on guest list both times and watched white girls who were not on guest list get in over us.

I've been to many clubs in toronto and this by far was the worst.

Bouncers are rude, unprofessional, and racist. One of them actually told my friend to "speak english" when she asked him a very simple question. It's suppose to be a hip-hop club yet there are literally no black people. They make people line up outside for sometimes over an hour but inside it's empty. If you're a minority please do not waste your time trying to go to this place. Even if they let you in and your coloured they are tokenizing you to seem like their not racist. There are so many better options. Myself and all my friends will 100% never go to this awful club again.

You could not pay me to go back to this racist establishment.


Friend got 4 bottles for her birthday, but the bouncer wouldn't let us in because we "didn't have enough girls" - we were exactly 50/50 guys/girls. they told us we'd have to buy more bottles to make it worth it (this is at 11:15 and the whole crew was there). after speaking to a manager, they let us in - everyone except me. i had brought a small camera with me, and they told me "no cameras allowed". i again had to wait to speak to a manager who let me in on the condition i kept the camera in my pocket.

I've honestly never been hassled this much by any club, it seemed really over the top. once inside, the place had a great vibe, fun crowd, and good dj. probably wouldn't go back though, since there are lots of other great clubbing options with better customer service.

new experience

This is a whackass club/lounge whatever you want to call it. We show up before the doors even open to reserve our spot and they say something about ratio or too much people. The place not even open yet and it wasnt even rammed. Promotor is uselss promising this and that and can't do anything. 6 bouncers at the door just want you to pay them to get in. If they want their club to grow then they need to learn to do business, i know a lot of girls and that day i went because my friend invited me out. You'll never see me come through this place with my people. Boys who have been there almost every week and they want to be dicks pretending to be a speak easy lounge, the place is small and garbage. Good luck you lost and never will be found.


Racist. If you are a minority trying to enter into this club be prepared for racial profiling. Watch the bouncers and the admission guy. They will say around 11:00 pm the club is full we are not accepting guest list anymore. Talk to any white girl there and she will even say i did not sign up for guest list and still be allowed to enter into the club, which i have multiple times. The guy at the door will lie and say that there is a special guest list because they know a "promoter". Not everyone is racist but please lets not be ignorant to the racial profiling that is occurring at that club because it is so painfully obvious. If you take a look at the outside of the club all the people that did not get in are of a minority group not to mention the club is sexist and elitist as well. I have had friends just walk by the club without any intention to enter and being called by the bouncers to enter the club because of their ethnicity. I can name multiple people that feel the same way as i do about the club racially profiling. Its very sad that a club will play hip-hop music that is of a black culture and treat minorities in a disgusting way. I am truly appalled by the behavior of the bouncers and security guard....They really need to humble themselves.


Really racist club. Its sad that there is a club like this even in toronto. They pretend that there is a special guest list that allows people of a certain race to enter into the club except for black people but yet all the club does is play black music hip hop rap etc...It doesn't make sense to me. Sure they will let in the token black girl with her group of white friends but if a group of black girls try to enter it is an issue. I am really surprised that this has not come to light. Also the big bald headed bouncer and the short one with the pony tail and tattoo have such pride in their jobs. Its really funny how ignorant they are. Really lost & found should be put on blast for racism and sexism.

Worst Club ever. Don't go unless you have bottle service, are white and privileged

Got on guestlist on their website, as instructed i arrived early, waited in line their 'guestlist line' which is really their 'your not vip/bottle service line'

Told me a need a ticket from the vip clipboard holder guy. Got one and was let into the club. Paid admission and was basically in until another bouncer literally came inside to kick me out of the club. His words was 'what are you doing?' treated me like i stuck into the club. Ask them to give my money back.

And asked me if i was on guestlist, i said yes, but he said guestlist people aren't supposed to get in until all the vip/bottle service people get in.'

So i asked him to put me on bottle service then. I am a clinical social worker who makes $80,000 a year. So if it was an issue of payola, to get in i don't mind paying that. He 'the bouncer got upset like i accused him of something horrible'.

I asked him why the ladies behind me, also on guestlist got in. He said because they are females. I explained to him i felt very much denigrated because the treatment and the way they operate is discriminatory.

I am a black professional male, who carries himself in a respectful manner. I felt no need to argue with his ignorance. I am not a celebrity, a privilege caucasian male, or caucasian glammed up female. But i dress pretty well. It's not like i didn't meet their dress code.

Ive never felt so insulted in my life. The bouncer i interacted with are non-caucasian so i will not make the assumption that it was due to racism.

But if you treat people this way karma has a way of coming back to you.

I would advise all those whom have been treated in a denigrating manner by this club to collectively gather and file a class action suit.

disgusting ass place... i rate negative -5

I went in today and im a white, petite girl, average looking, i went to the bouncer who whoever that fucker thought he was, but damm... He told my friends to get the fuck out the way, thinking their top shit, like your not you nasty ugly losers.. Anyways
I made a guestlist 3 days ahead of time, it was me and my best girl friend and our 5 other guy friends.. The guy tells me "you and ur girlfriend can go in but i cant let the guys in" i said i made a guestlist, and he thought being rude is gonna give him some type of service..He goes" okay well their gonna wait outside till bottle service reservations come in, and you might not even get in, so u better stay in line till people come, i said" so u expect me to stand outside in the freezing cold, in a skirt with my girl, " he goes " yep"
Like are you fucked?
Your staff members need to either get fired
The guy said hes gonna let paying customers in, like your bartenders lost their own business cuz of you
I literally walked back to my group, told the guys fuck you, and i left to another club

Dont waste your time here,
Theres so many clubs on the strip, friendly people
Please noone take anyones bullshit, and attitude and standing outside in cold or anything , noone deserves to be treated this way...
I never believed the reviews and i fucked myself over,
Their all pricks... The piercing dude had the biggest issue, then his tall dark skin fucker, and the short spanish looking dude was the one i talked to the most.. Was patiently rude
Please dont make my mistake and go into their trap, their cheap for a reason

I work at a bar myself and ive never met such horrible people in my life.. It was so disturbing and disgusting ,

But hey goodluck with your staff members, ima make sure to post everywhere how bad your service was..
This is why you guys make no money, either change your workers or just go out of business cuz you wont get nowhere..
I understand your "concept" but it just shows how desperate you are to have girls in ur club, cuz u get no business!!

I can say so much , cuz ive never felt so disrespected and pissed off in my life no joke,
If youre a dude just stay the fuck away, because honestly youre gonna want to hurt one of them, they think their better then you, and i almost lost my shit

Fyi there was no line up and we got there 11:05pm, couple bitches got in but 4 guys were waiting in line , and then my group, noone came just believe the lower comments!

On gueslist we wouldnt even get in for free, but at the other club we paid nothing to get in, the bouncers were super nice, and the night came out beautiful , go to bar 244 their pretty amazing, and cake seemed to be awesome too! Just a few mins walk away


Every comment is 100% true. Unless your white and somewhat trashy looking (no offence) your not getting in. My friends and i stood in line for an hour and watched these bouncer not let one person in from the regular line the entire night. You either need bottle service or you need to be white and trashy. We were at the front of the line by the end of the hour because every person in front of us left the line. Why is this establishment still open?! It's a fucking disgrace.

Brutal Club

Ok, here is a guys take on this club. i am white, young professional, decent looking (just sayin). i showed up with two friends who were female, both white and stand out attractive.

Sure enough, we were on guest list, first in line and got the whole, bottle service only being let in. once all bottle service is let in, even if they are not in line...I mean, it could be 1am and if a reservation party has not shown up then no one in guest list gets in.

As soon as we learned of this, we were like eff it. the black bouncer was actually cool with us and told us like it is do we wouldn't be standing in line for two hours. he said to wait a second just as we were stepping out of line. he talked to the other bouncers then went in and came back out. he said he could get the 2 girls in but i would have to wait. Lol! right.,.We said no way and he said sorry to me and that he has to get a certain number of attractive females in the club before they start to let in guys. said his hands were tied but he had to maintain a high femal:male ratio.

I respect him for being cool with us and blunt. the guy with the piercings was an ass.

So many clubs in t.O. Don't waste your time here unless you have a booked bottle service or know the owner et.

Btw, not to be judgemental but some of the white girls going in who just got dropped off looked trashy. a little overweight, cut off, tattered jean shorts with a pound of makeup on their face. whatever.

I guess clubs can pick and their guests but being in that line is like an audition for women.

I also overheard some of the other bouncers saying "no not her, only the good looking ones" as they scanned the back of the guest list line.


If there was a way to give this place a "0" rating i would because this is what they deserve. Lost and found employs the most racist and digusing bouncers in the entertainment industry. There is one in particular who has piercings in his face who will tell you that they are at "capacity" and that their bottle service are "sold out" only to pick white girls who look and dress like they make porn for a living out from the regular line into the so called "sold out" bottle service lines. They should have just put up a sign that said "no coloreds allowed" so that my friend and i wouldnt have to face the embarasment of being discriminated on simply because of the color of our skin. Little do they know that they messed with the wrong minority and i will be taking legal actions against this establishment. It's disgusting to think places like this are allowed to operate and uphold the racist/ignorant ideologies that many people (black and white) have faught and died to change. The ideology that a certain race or group of people is superior than the rest. No one should ever be made to feel like this and it is a clear violation of my canadian charter of rights and freedoms.


If you are a visible minority especially a black female don't go here. This "club" is racist and it seems like they have a limit on the amount of black females they allow in(if any because i didn't see any get in). They will tell you they are at "capacity," but yet any white/asian female who had their makeup done like kylie jenner or had their butt/boobs out were getting pulled from the regular line and put into the bottle service line. Yet they were at capacity. Then they have a black dude checking ids and clicking his little counter clicker like he's somebody special. You look like a slave!! You are working for an establishment that wont even let your own people in dummy! Oh and the bouncers...They really think their job is important especially the dude with the piercing in his face (ew). They definitely need to be humbled like you are just a bouncer making what? 13/hr..Ha! Funny thing too is the owner is brown and has his people running his place like this, what a shame. Again, don't waste your time and go.


The bouncers and whoever is running this place are such racists!!! They kept letting white girls who weren't on any guest list in while my friends and i had to wait in the cold for up to an hour. We finally decided to leave after we were beyond frustrated and our toes began to numb from standing in the cold. If you are a visible minority, you shouldn't be supporting this club in any way. I also feel this should extend to the many black artists they use to promote their club to everyone but their own people. Zero stars

Racist Assholes

The bouncers and whoever is running this place are such racists!!! They kept letting white girls who weren't on any guest list in while my friends and i had to wait in the cold for up to an hour. We finally decided to leave after we were beyond frustrated and our toes began to numb from standing in the cold. If you are a visible minority, you shouldn't be supporting this club in any way. I also feel this should extend to the many black artists they use to promote their club to everyone but their own people. Zero stars

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