60 Interchange Way, Vaughan, ON

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Dazzling d├ęcor and dramatic multi-dimensional lighting effects set the stage for an extraordinary experience that exhilarates and titillates. Nightly, spectacular interactive events will astound and amaze even the most fervent of club goers. Join us every Friday & Saturday.

Venue Type
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Hip Hop, Trap, Reggae, Soca

LUXY Nightclub Events

Fly Fridays

Fly Fridays

Fridays @ LUXY Nightclub

Shine NYE 2019

Shine NYE 2019

Tue. Dec. 31 @ LUXY Nightclub

Life Saturdays

Life Saturdays

Saturdays @ LUXY Nightclub

Fright Night 2018

Fright Night 2018

Thu. Oct. 31 @ LUXY Nightclub

LUXY Nightclub Reviews

Best Night Club in Bangkok


Safety concerns

I attended my sister-in-law's bacheloratte party may 14th 2016. In which i was the deaignated driver. Therefore, i was not at all intoxicated. Mentioning this, just to ensure you that this is not a drunken altercation. We reserved a booth that night (3 bottles). Four of us females were making our way to the washroom. When a man grabbed off my sister-in-law's veil from the top of her hair. Holding the veil in her hand. She approached one of the security guards. Who asked us to show him that man. We made our way through, and he spoke to the guy, who stated her veil got stuck in his necklace. In no way possible did this happen because she was inbetween two of us girls. The security guard did not do anything about this incident. He told us he would not remove the guy. These are "things we can expect from coming to a croweded club." and that we should "let it go!" myself as well as the rest of our 14 woman party were very upset at the unprofessional manner the securiry dealt with the man. Pulling her viel from her head is an assult! He should have been removed from the premises. We were very much enjoying ourself in the club before this. it is upsetting when you know the "security" does not care about your safety or well-being. It should be addressed to all employees. So incidence like this don't occur again or become out of hand. Many of us are mothers and wifes, who heared this club was one of the best and wanted to join in a special night for our friend. Not be in an altercation which undoubtedly could have been handled far much better. Only after reading that a lot of people mention that the security guards are racist. I realized that he (also black) took the side of a black male instead of 2 spanish, 1 indian and 1 asian women.

Was once a pretty good club to straight trashy

Don't know what it is with this night club, but it has been straight trash lately for the past couple of years with a whole lot of antics that's not supposed to be taking place, smh. The last time i have been there, one of the bartenders in room 1 was very rude to me on saturday, february 6th, 2016. All i simply asked was for another round of the same drink that she has provided me with earlier. She provided me the drink and after when i payed my money or believe when she was giving me back my change? She told me to not return to her bar? With no explanation as to why? Plus she did it with a smile on her face? Anyways the condescending customer service did not sit well with me at all. From a paying customer i would only recommend for them to talk to their bartender about proper respect in terms of serving others at the bar. I did try to message them on facebook to tell them about what happened and....., they did not answer back about this issue. Just shows to me where their loyalty lies and it's not towards the average customer that pays their hard earned money for entrance fees to come in, coat checks or even drinks/vip bottle services. I could go on and on but i'm just going to close by saying it's going to be awhile before i even consider going to this place again.

Luxys saturday night

I went and had alot of fun. Had no problem with racism im not sure why people are complaining maybe you are the one with the problem. The security doesnt care if you are white or not... They played really good music one room was hip hop and the other dancehall and it was awesome. Lots of dancing

I did not enjoy " A night dedicated to the ladies"

I recently went to luxys for the event "girls in action". To start off with only one room was open which made this club extremely over packed. The girls working there had to literally push people aside in order to bring the bottle service out, which i dont blame them there management of people was really overdone and made there job much harder. Also my sister got a severe allergic reaction due to the fact that people were smoking cigarettes not shisha actual cigarettes at this club which presented a great risk to her health that night.The dj and some other guy on the stage kept cutting off the music to literally yell stuff in the microphone every 10 seconds which got really annoying. I have been to this club before and did enjoy it while both the rooms were open and had a really great time unfortunately this night is pushing me towards checking out some other closer clubs.

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