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Muzik Nightclub Info

Trancending the boundaries of Toronto's usual entertainment offerings, Muzik Nightclub continually re-invents itself with customized set-ups ideal for concerts, corporate events, fashion shows, photoshoots, press conferences, private functions, product launches and red carpet galas. Since its Red Carpet world premiere Muzik Nightclub has become the ultimate Saturday night destination. From the ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Saturday (10pm-3am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B
41,000 sq ft, 3000 person capacity, 1 room +patio

Muzik Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Muzik Nightclub.

Muzik Nightclub Reviews


Overall, i loved this club more then anything. I'm from the united states and when visiting toronto, muzik made the trip a go to venue. Very high end and high class place with extravagant service. To have a good time, you need to spend a great amount of money. But it is a very good venue to definitely attend. Only thing i can give the males advice is that there are lots of gold diggers, spend a few hundred bucks on bottles and you'll have females crawling over you.

The worst party!!!

The worst nightclub!!! The security pushed the girl for nothing! Manager do not care about his duties at all! The minimum shot is $8! Music is bad and boring. No people at all. Do not recommend at all! Better to go to cube nightclub! I have been in muzik several times, very sad.. We were waiting for waitress for 50 minutes. Never will come again!!!


How old u need to be to get inside of the club?? its 19+ or 21+


- nice looking place for $20 cover
- there's more servers parading around in skirts then getting you drinks
- no dancefloor, and music is too loud to talk with people inside, so bring your own crowd
- at the end its worth checking out for $20

Good Time

I've been to a lot of clubs in toronto, and i would say that overall muzik is one of the better ones i have attended. Went on a friday, and there was a short line, paid $20 cover, not too packed when i got inside but the music was good. The party was all outside, kind of a shame there was no dance floor but it was still a good time, i will likely check it out again in the future


I dont understand how some people are saying best club in the world? This sounds like the clubs pr team or the club owner writing fake reviews. Please grow up and its not the best club in the world or toronto, it is decent....But thats it!!!! There are nicer places in the world guaranteed!!!! Toronto is not vegas or miami people need to calm the f* down!

Muzik, you were a glamourland what happened?

Muzik is situated in a great location and away from the downtown core and traffic jams. I've loved this club for a long time back when the space, beauty bar, lush feathers, and decor was something out of a movie. the staff was dressed up in elegant corsets and bow ties, now they are wearing white tight t-shirts? What happened? This place was an opulent glamourland with space, performances, and a classy backdrop to your saturday night. Now, the club is a quarter of the size, and the glamour of the place has been taken out.
I am not against the place but the owners have taken the essence out of the place. the cover to get in was always expensive but you get what you pay for, and it was totally worth it. I went there expecting the best and that's what i used to receive, now the place looks like any other typical place in toronto. This is most disappointing.


Worst club ive ever been to in toronto! Long line ups, rudest staff ever, over crowded. Dont waste ur time, go somewhere better.

Love Muzik!

Muzik is the probably the best club in toronto. It would be extremely difficult to try and find the space, beauty and service anywhere else in toronto.

Love it!

This is definitely my favourite club in the city :)


This clubs owner is scum. Do not believe anyone who is writing a positive review of this place, it is just the clubs pr team creating fake accounts trying to do damage control. When a government grants a private individual a monopoly in any sort of business no matter how big the area (even if its just on the exhibition grounds) this is called: fascism. I believe in free competitive markets and not in people using there political connections to benefit themselves for private gain. As a owner of a business you must adapt or die if you provide a shitty overpriced service then your competition will kill you. I look forward to the day this club closes it doors.


I dont know who the other reviewers are but try to name me a better place in the city??? Oh yeah this is the best place in the city i almost forgot!!!!! So stop hating!!!!


Best club in the world!!!!!! Best service best venue!!!!

Horrible Time

The security staff are rude, disrespectful and a complete bunch of douche bags as others have stated.
Cover is $20. Booth setups are stupid because two booths share one entrance which is very annoying.
Drinks are expensive and the music wasn't that great. I would not go back to this hole. What a waste of time and money.
Again the bouncers are just a bunch of d***heads. I would give this place 0 stars if possible.

Real talks

Horrible music, rude staff, over crowding with an unfriendly crowd, too much waiting, over priced for shitty drinks, slow and careless coat check, smells bad, etc etc i could go on forever. Trust, don't go.


Horrible club, overpriced, and owned by a greedy lowlife.


By far the worst and most unpleasant club, owned by a greed.


Not impressed with location, price and crowd. Also unhappy with the owners politics and hidden agenda.

Fuck boy

Money sucking owner...

Awful, rude, selfish owner

Awful place, the owner is extremely rude and degrading. Service is horrible.

Dirty venue

The venue is nice but the crowd is awful. Filled with toolbags and fake tits - people who try to act rich.

The owner is greedy and corrupt.

Avoid at all costs.

Avoid this club.

Yeah im never going here ever and im recommending my friends to avoid also.

Avoid at all costs

Avoid this club at all costs......Anywhere in toronto is better than here!! Worst nightclub ever! If i could give 0 stars i would


If i could rate this club at a zero then i would. Don't go!

Terrible Club AVOID

Avoid this club at all costs, bad atmosphere and shut down edm events in toronto, do not support them!

Muzik night club sucks

Owner is an asshole who ruined the club scene in toronto for his own personal gain !! This place should be shut down !!

Muzik night club ruining night life of Toronto

The owner used political affiliates to ruin the night life of toronto for his own personal gain !! Avoid this club at all costs !! Muzik night club sucks and should be shut down !!


Club owner screwed over all toronto music fans by acting hypocritical and going behind backs with political measures to ensure its own success. Avoid


Worst nightclub. owner is a hypocrite and single handedly ruining night life in toronto. should be shut down

Classy night out for the gfs

Honestly i've been to a lot of clubs in toronto, and muzik by far is always my favourite. the venue is so huge and beautiful, looks different everytime i go. service is great and all the girls who work there are so gorgeous! was there to party the past two weekends for their toronto fashion week party and versace mansion party, and both were amazing with the designer fashion shows!! brought out a bunch of my gfs and they loved the beauty lounge and versace fragrance bar. we love to dress up for a night out and muzik is definitely the spot.

dangerous and not worth it

Attended feb. 16-2014
Outside of the club before you get in they have few 8-10 feet long black fences, the base of it comes out about a foot on each side and extends 4-5 inches high at night very hard to see my wife tripped over one and she fell down, she broozed her knee and sholder, god help the club if the xray shows something, i saw few other people tripped i dont know why they dont change these dangerous fances. After paying $25 each we get inside to find out there are so many sofas and sitting area for vip's that you barley could move, the coat check had no more room so we had to hang on to our jacket inside. I was involve in club bus. For over 10 years this is the stupitest design for club but money grabing because each of these vip' probably coast around $500.
Dont waste your time or your money, go some where else

muzik nightclub is not high class as it advertises

Myself along with 20 others attended musik nightclub this saturday. Paying over $2000 for bottle service, we clearly expected top of the line treatment..Unfortunately this was not delivered. After arriving at musik we were escorted into the club by a hostess and had to then wait 10 minutes to be seated at our booth and another 15 minutes for our bottle service to arrive. Our booth was only big enough to seat 10 when we had clearly booked for 25, 3 months in advance. On top of this, we were seated at a booth that was promised to be "private" but random people were walking by the entire time..Spilling drinks and pushing and shoving my friends and i. After complaining to management, we were moved to a smaller but more "private" booth located right on the dance floor. Needless to say we still experienced the same problems and noone cared to fix the issue. Instead we were promised 5 free bottles for the trouble which we didn't receive. on top of this, my friend (the bday girl) was escorted out of the club in a wheelchair by paramedics after being clearly served way over her limit by our server. On top of this, management and all other staff refused to tell us where she was or how she was being dealt with. Half the staff told us she was in a sketchy "back room" which we weren't allowed access to, and the others told us she was taken by an ambulance to the "local hospital" which they didn't know the name of? All in all, this place is a sketchy dump. If you're looking for a place with overpriced drinks, outdated furnishings, and men who unexpectedly grope you on the dance floor, and sketchy staff..Musik is definitely the place to go..If not..I would suggest hitting up one of the many other bars in the downtown toronto area.

so sick

Last Saturday at Muzik was so crazy. Jay Z's official Dj Young Guru was there and I really need to be notified every time he is in town because his music was bumping. The crowd loved it. Muzik is an amazing vibe with great music, and still remains so classy.


I planned my best friend's Bachelorette Party at Muzik on the weekend and the party was everything I hoped it would be. We all had a blast- the service and music were amazing with Lady Gaga's Dj White Shadow and the staff were wonderful and left us surprise Stila gifts under our table which was so great. We got out hair and makeup done at the beauty bar and they even gave us free champagne. Overall a really great night.

Saturday nights

I went to Muzik on Saturday for a friend's birthday celebration and really had such a great time. The music was unbelievable and the crowd was gorgeous. I really do not go out enough. All of their hostesses were wearing identical top hats for their London theme. The best club experience in Toronto hands down.


I stopped at Muzik on Saturday with a group for a long overdue visit. Personally I think the negative comments below are outdated and untrue. Muzik is the best night club in Canada. Every time I go I have an amazing experience and Saturday was so much fun. The staff and venue is still classy and sexy.


so the deal is it's 3 beans for every 20 beans you take out
be careful drunk ATM ers
happy holidays


15 $$$ debit transaction fee at the club
took out a 100 and was charged 115 haha


This is probably the worst club i've ever been to. People pushing and shoving, fights breaking out, from the same guy. literally he started 3 fights and didn't once get kicked out but everyone else did. watered down, overpriced and underpoured drinks and when you tell the bartender about it he just looks at you like meh whatever. bouncers are so rude. even if you try and be nice they still act like jerks. basically unless you get bottle service you'll be treated like crap but what are you going to do, sit on a chair the whole time you're at a club because soon as you stand up to go the dance floor, you're just going to get pushed and shoved and into a fight. oh yeah and you have to pay $20 just to stand in line and another $20 at the door and then get your coat check which is another line, then actually get it tagged which is another line. Also, the girls dancing on the speakers, yeah sorry you have no rhythm. definitely the worst club in history.
oh yeah and rude girls here, ladies first, ladies first, i let 2 ladies in front of me just to be a gentleman and when i said okay sure, just order me my drinks and we'll call it even. 1 drank both my shot and the other didn't order my beers. then when i decided after that not to let ANYONE in front of me, a girl gave me a lecture on ladies first. This has to be the worst place i've been to. Would never go back again and would tell everyone to stay away from this place. oh and if you're a lady who thinks that just because you're a lady you should get things handed to you just because, check yourself at the door.




snoop again!

snooooopppppp this saturday!!!!!!!! can't wait. I missed him there last time. love muzik for this kinda stuff. so happy i get to see him this time.

Epic Night

Muuuuzikkkkkk! This place was amazing the night I saw Snoop Dogg there. Drake was there too but didn't get to see him... So packed and that's the way I like it - the more beautiful ladies, the merrier. Music was amazing and the vibe was just chillin. Oh and that patio is def something else - so big!! Havent' been to another one like it in t.o. that's for sure - amazing decor. Had an awesome night! Just wish it was closer to the main downtown area.




Muzik Exudes Fun Sexy Class

Majestic!!! Just sheer Magic. Regardless of who you are, you are always treated with the utmost respect and kindness at Muzik. It makes no difference whether you have a booth or not, Muzik is always impressively dressed to the 9's for you! Beginning with their delicious food prepared and served with true excellence and care and the party itself will leave you breathless and wanting more... I, along with friends from all over the world have been enjoying and appreciating the awe and wonder of Muzik almost every saturday since it's opening. Aside from the all the luxurious decor, and seductively playful ambiance I must include that it is the safest club I've ever experienced. Safety is of utmost importance to me and this place and the crowd of beautiful fun loving people it attracts satisfies that need.
Parking is $11 and entry is $20 Thats reasonable to me to give considering what I know I can expect and recieve in return from Muzik for the night.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions and how they wish to spend their time and hard earned money, granted ... Although I must admit seeing anykind of negative remarks, comments and or experiences and Muzik in the same sentence makes me wonder 2 things... Hidden agenda ? Or truly negative energy consuming them. I find it quite baffling! Regardless, like I had stated above we are all entitled to our own opinions and nothing about Muzik can be painted like a picture for you with words, its true essence can only be experienced... I dare you to see for yourself how good it feels to be there on a Saturday night!

Thanks for your time and reading my thoughts... I look forward to partying with my like minded peeps... See you tonight ! :p


5-Star Class

Haven't been there in a while but was there this past weekend...though I gotta admit, the music there ain't cutting it for me (I don't think it was as bad as the last guy's comment though lol), the class throughout the club is something to be seen. The miss universe event there last night was just spectacular. The place was filled with so many beautiful ladies, and they weren't all miss universe contestants (not gay but the guys in there weren't too bad either). Excellent service at the booth as well as the doors and coatcheck. Had fun so will be back sometime.

Barely tolerable

Who gave this club top 10??!!! The venue is very nice, great parking, ladies who work there are nice and fine go go dancers, good size booth. Price for booth way too steep, no dance floor except the walkways, and CRAPPY music!!! Hopefully DJ on other nights are better but tonight, sat may 5 was not reading the crowd at all. He had his moments but when people stop dancing and just standing around, he should realize he is the only one dancing, he should change the music up. Play what keeps the people moving. Crowd was just alright, ranged from really young then really old, not really much in between. Not sure what people are there for,bc it ain't dancing or maybe that was the DJs fault. Didn't feel satisfied at all, waste of time and money.

well worth it

this place was way better than i expected. from the moment we go there, VIP feeling allllll the way back out... never been treated so respectfully at any club in Toronto before. It felt awesome just to be acknowledge but these guys make u feel more than just acknowledged cuz usually you have to be a somebody to get respect at most clubs, at Muzik, it seems everyone's a somebody... And it was also nice to see that the usual cover of about $20 was well worth my money when I saw what the inside looked like. btw it's so huge, i got lost in there (this is a good thing). amazing club = amazing time

soooo glitzy

omg, this is like one the nicest clubs I've ever been to no doubt. Alll i see when I walk inside, and even from the outside, is glamour and everything just seems to be sparkling with elegance. I suggest pre-drinking if you can though because drinks are a little on the higher side of the spectrum but still affordable. Their beauty bar was an awesome touch to it all... all in all, a really nice place to be if you're looking to party at a place that has a higher-end atmosphere

Save Your Money

This place is just haven for drugs, fake people and bullsh*t. Save your money and find another place to party, drinks are overpirced and getting in is based on who you know and not how long you wait. And by the time you get in to the club everyone is drunk or high.


It is a very classy club, and hands down the best one in the city. You wont have to deal with low class douchey guys and trashy sluts, however It does come with a cost, a very high one but if you can afford it, this is it. Had birthday there and it honestly was better than I expected, the server was great and we got the best table in the club. Well done


Wow. I agree with "sam" from below. Don't know why some ppl on here are hating. It's really a very nice high-end place to have a great time in. I actually have no complaints whatsoever. Hostesses, bouncers, bartenders and everyone in between gave me the best service I've ever had at any club in Toronto. Def not near the lower end of the spectrum of my club experiences I've had to endure at some other unfortunate clubs.

Honest review

I can't say I have high expectations with clubs in Toronto anymore because lets face it, good service and nightclubs don't go together anymore,
however I do have very high expectations when we have a small group of 8-9 people and have ordered just over 2K worth of bottles and side platters.
First off it's beyond me why people with a booked table have to wait outside for even a minute when there's an empty table inside waiting for them, second off it's so clear that the best booths are given to people that have connections or come regularly but that's not the real problem, it's that a few booths that were empty throughout the entire night were better than the space we got at the corner of the club RIGHT next to the exit sign.
Yes the service is still better than other high end clubs and the venue is actually beautiful, the only club i've been to in Toronto that actually looks like a high end club.
All in all I can't say I would recommend it, but if you're willing to blow money without having the highest expectations ever might as well do it here


Wow... some of these comments are pathetic. I went to Muzik on Saturday night November 19, 2011. The club was amazing I had heard so much about it, as soon as I got in with my friends we went we got our pictures taken and the servers took us to our booth. The music was amazing, we have no complaints. we had a bouncer, a server, and a waiter with us at our table waiting on us, and throwing people out of our booth. I especially love their beauty lounge, we got our hair and make up done for free!!

Epitome of Extravagance

Whoever this Kirstie is, you shouldn't let it ruin your experience at the club. It's still a great club with lots to enjoy and see, with or without someone giving you some attitude - that wouldn't be enough to ruin all that Muzik has to offer people. Besides, I met the owner once through a friend while I was there and he was very kind and courteous. The club was packed but he still took the time to shake our hands, welcome us to the club and walk us in and then he went back to do the same for other people. I expected to be rushed in and barely even acknowledged but got the opposite treatment. They had a variety of pretty good music playing throughout the night which is good because there's something for everyone's taste. the place is really huge and it's always fun getting lost in the sea of hot people I usually see there! That's just the inside though, I forgot about the patio which is something else in itself. Amazingly beautiful. That is all.



BEST DJ's !!!!!!!


You folks should learn to spell before you try to dance.

It is pretty pathetic to read some of the comments made and to think that these people would have even ventured to write a review on a night club when they should have taken into consideration that they might want to polish up on their written grammar.

So much fun + high priced drinks

lastnight. may 14-2011. i alond with my friends went to this muzik club. i have heard a lot about it. yes guys the drinks are expensive. but it is a really nice place. with lots of security guards all dressed in black suit. and then the music was ok. not bad. There were lots of girls. lots of europeans. sexy girls. and i must say that i had a lot of fun there. every penny that i spend was worthed.. go check it out urself. The staff is also very nice and friendly.


I went to muzik with my friend for the UFC pre party event. I try to have fun everywhere, and I guess the highlight of my night was when I was able to get pictures with all the fighters that showed up. However, I do agree that the music at muzik is not so diverse and no one really dances, they just stand around drinking and staring at people. Although the venue is beautiful, the crowd consists of mainly rich men and women who have quite a bit of plastic sugery. To sum it up, you are not likely to fit in if you are not rich, or look like a playboy model.

Worst Nightclub in Toronto!!!!!

There was no organization to buy your tickets. Everyone was flashing their 20 dollar bill to retrieve a ticket, the cashier was choosing people at random. The music was horrible, how can you dance to rock music. The best part was when I got knocked down by a bouncer as he was throwing out a guy. I will never go back and I will not recommend this club to any of my friends

Not great

Went to this club on Jan 1st, so obviously was not expecting a huge night since everyone would be tired from the night before. Anyway, decent turnout. Beautiful venue. Bar staff was friendly but I was charged different amounts for the same drink at different bars, which was a little annoying. Also, very pricy drinks. A vodka+soda was 7.50 (or $8 at the other bar), and a smirnoff ice was 9.50! Music was good-a mix of top 40, hip-hop, and some house. There were some guest dj's that night so it's hard to say what it's normally like. The women were all beautiful and very well dressed in short party dresses and high high heels (I was the only one I saw in flats), and saw a few obvious surgical enhancements being shown off. The men were sooooo vain-looking. Really icky. Obviously they had money. But they also were in love with themselves. A couple of guys were wearing stylish scarves all night. It was weird. Some guys forgot to do up the last 4 buttons of their shirt. At the beginning of the night there were more girls than boys, and by the end waayyy more boys than girls, and they just kind of stood around the circumference of the room and watched everyone dancing. It was weird and creepy. Even though its free before 11 for women, I'm not sure I'd go back because of the weird icky creepy eurotrash men there.

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