Nashville North

530 Guelph St, Norval, ON, L0P1K0

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Nashville North is Southern Ontario's official country party bar. One BIG, super-FUN party. Our staff will do everything humanly possible to ensure you have the time of your life! VENUE FEATURES: - FREE parking for 263 vehicles in our well-lit, secure, on-site parking lot! - Featuring TWO LEVELS with a capacity of 900 Cowboys and Cowgirls - TWO round year heated patios (people have been known to ...

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Venue Type
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40, Country
$5-$10 with guestlist

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There is currently no events posted for Nashville North Nightclub.

Nashville North Nightclub Reviews


Two people who were frequent patrons of this club @/natethegr8_95 (twitter/ig) and @/brendamarlia (twitter/ig) made false allegations about me claiming i frequently went to this club to engage in sexual activity with random men. Myself and two other people can confirm that i was never present.

I am hoping i can hear back from the nightclub so i can get the evidence needed for a court judge. I am confirming the two patrons are being brought to civil court in the spring of 2021. I will be forced to bring the nightclub into this as these two made the accusations in the first place.

disappointing security watch out little ones

The female security declined my id twice in two weeks and it's actually me !!!! Also they were very rude about it and had a sense of white pride and we're very sexist. They took my id and now i have to order a new one!!! Snakessssss


An interesting experience...Halfway through our line dance everyone held hands and began singing psalms...The bouncer looked like gibby from icarly!! Cant believe i met someone famous whilst praying :d

absolute garbage

This is terrible... Should not even be considered a club...Would rather spend my night at tim hortons than waste another minute and dollar here!! Everyone is rude and has a strong sense of white pride. Very offensive.


Terrible service!! The bouncers were extremely rude and snarky. Cannot believe the service we received. I would never go back. 0/10 would recommend.

Power failure 2 minutes after we got there

We got there and had to wait 20 minutes in the rain, no big deal. All part of the experience. Coat check was $5 bucks, okay a little more expensive than i had assumed, whatever no big deal. Get to the cover lady, and it was $20 bucks, holy crap that's a lot for one person to get in. Okay whatever again, all part of the experience. They pat me down, but let a few other people just walk by, alright i guess that's how they do things.

We get there, line up to get drinks and the power dies. Music dead, lights dead, everything off. They say 20 minutes for the power to get back. Alright i guess we just hang out in the dark for 20 minutes, whatever. We sing some songs, get a beer and try to have a good time. They then say they can no longer serve any drinks. What the hell? So now we're there in the dark, with nothing to drink, and no music and out $25.
Then they say it'll be 3-4 hours and we need to leave, so the police had to kick us all out without any kind of refund. When we asked for a refund, the staff was unhelpful and rude saying that we would get a refund if we checked the facebook page. No information was posted on the facebook page at all. We were then forced to stand outside in the cold and wait for a cab, but there were no cabs because the police blocked off the area. We had to walk 40 minutes in the cold and rain to get a cab.
I just want my money back for the night.

LOVE Nashville North

I have been going to nashville north for quite a few years now and have never had a bad experience! Was up there for george canyon last night and it was a fabulous night! I think a lot of the negative comes from young people that get so drunk they have to leave! Its a great variety of people there and i love the warm and fun atmosphere!! Absolutely love it there! Keep doing what your doing nashville north because your awesome!!


Wow. just read the miles of negative reviews written by people over the last couple of years about nashville north. last bad review was in april 2015. i'm hoping nashville north has taken the reviews seriously and the lack of any further horrible reviews is because they've changed their mo. i was going to go to the club tonight to do some line dancing, but after reading what has been published below, not sure i'm going to do that. club owner...You might want to check out what people are saying about you while you still have a club to own.

The worst experience

We decided to go out for a night at nash and it was horrendous. I am 20 and my girlfriend is 22 and they would not let her in. She has her g1 and the bouncer was very rude and disrespectful and accused her of using her sisters. We talked calmly to the man but he kept the id and proceeded to cuss and insult us. We were in no way intoxicated nor were we approaching him with a negative persona. I will never go here again and i will tell all of my friends, family and peers to never attend a night at nash because of the horrible and disgraceful experience. The bouncer with the blondish-ginger facial hair needs a reality check on life and needs to be taught some manners. We will be reporting this to upper management and will soon boycott this so called club.


This club fucking blows. I love all kinds of music but the shit they were playing was terrible. The bouncers were especially dumb and they have zero respect. Such a waste of money, maybe get some new, nicer bouncers, and update that playlist once in a while.


First time going there and it was crap. Not only did it take one hour to get into the club, but cover was $20. This is the only club that it is mandatory to coat check your jacket. I've worked at several clubs and never has it been mandatory to coat check.
My friend got denied access due to one of the guards having a work related issues with her. Due to all the pushing by the time i realized my friend got kicked out i had paid already. When i tried getting my jacket they gave me someone else's jacket. When i tried telling security that it was not mine they told me to come back tomorrow. After creating a scene i finally managed to give back that jacket and get mine back.
Do not coat check your stuff here as you will not likely get it back. Security needs training on professionalism and get their attitude in check. Worst experience ever and will never go back. The club owner was nice enough to give me back my money.

new years

When i had arrived there it was fine but later on in the night i lost my very expensive wallet asked the bouncers to try and look for it but did shit all. The bathrooms smell like piss. Then at the end of the night i couldnt get my jacket cause my ticket was in my wallet so i was standing outside freezing with no jacket and one shoe on. Finally after begging the security to find my jacket and shoe.I got inside where the heat was not on in the bar so i was still freezing and took hours just for them to call us a cab


They force you to pay 20 dollars outside on top of the cover-charge to pass the line that is already not moving , and that is by not letting any one to go from the line up. I had to pay 40 dollars to get in 20 inside and 20 out side , while on the website it says 5 to 10 . And on top of that i had to stay on the second floor ( which is empty and no one is dancing ) because only downstairs is full capacity which i don't think so for 2 hours, till 1:30 they let us go and dance.

Its is a great place but only if you are a close friend with all the grads so my previous comment would not apply.

New Years From Hell

I will not be returning to Nashville North after the service that was given after the bar closed. The Staff was rude and inconsiderate to the people that were freezing and waiting for their cabs which took over two hours to arrive.
They turned off all the heat lamps and locked the doors on us while girls in less than half an outfit were begging to just be allowed to stand inside because of how cold it was.
They had no sympathy towards anyone.
This was my first and last time at Nashville North.
I, along with all the other people Nashville North that they left standing outside in -10 weather will be sure to pass on the message of their OUTSTANDING service.


Well today was my day in court to fight a public intoxication ticket for the worst experience I have ever had in my 20 years of attending bars. We went out for my girlfriends birthday in a group of about 20 people. We showed up in limo and immediately the limo driver was told that he was not allowed down on the property and when picking us up to wait at the top of the hill....should've known from this point forward. One of the DD's was asked to leave because she looked like she had to much to drink. This was in the line-up before even getting in the bar. The second DD (my best friend....birthday girl's mother) went to the bar and asked for a coffee, the bartender responded to her, that she could go to Tim Horton's in town. WTH. I was dancing on the dance floor having a great old time, but because I was not line dancing with the 100's of other people, because I don't know how to, the bouncers came down and got me off the dance floor, asked to speak with me, I said, "sure" as I proceeded to the front door and they followed me outside. They never said a word to me, once I was outside, so I had a smoke and tried to re-enter after and they told me I couldn't go back in that I had to much to drink. OKAY!!! I then asked to speak with the manager, he refused to get my friend inside so that I could tell her I was kicked out or call me a cab so that I could get home, they told me to leave the property and if I didn't they were going to call the cops. I said "go ahead". I sat up on the hill, which is about 75 metres from the entrance of the bar, the police came and when I proceeded to leave, I was grabbed by the bouncer, (because he sat in the middle of the parking lot, watching me sit on the hill....really, nothing better to do.) "Fine, I WILL LEAVE", I said, and he responded...."YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE, YOU'RE UNDER CITIZENS ARREST" and he handed me over to the officer. I arrived at the bar at 10:30 pm in the limo and I was put in the drunk tank at 12:05 am and given a public intoxication ticket. Later the next day, my friends all told me they had to take cabs home because the limo driver couldn't come down to the bar entrance to pick them up and I was the only one who had his number, they couldn't get in touch with him as I was in the drunk tank. My girlfriend told me that her friend was wasted, she had to take her to the bathroom, the bouncers saw them walking and that her friend was not steady on her feet. My girlfriend took the wheelchair stall in the washer, bigger for two people, and more room for my girlfriend to help her friend as she was drunk. The bouncer proceeded into the bathroom, banged on the washroom stall door and said, "open the door". My girlfriend was kinda taken aback, but he persisted that she open the door. So she did, her friend was on the can with her pants around her ankles and he said "YOUR FRIEND HAS TO LEAVE SHE'S HAD TO MUCH TO DRINK"...........Really are serious, you couldn't wait for her to come out of the washroom to tell her that. This place is horrible and by no means do they know how to treat anyone with any respect whatsoever. If you can't line dance, beware, that you will be getting the boot. The worst bar, the worst experience. Not recommended and I will never be going back to this place ever again. I will be lodging a formal complaint Hope this helps anyone who is even thinking about going to this place. It is HORRIBLE!!!!

Good place to get raped

I think the title says it all.

This place is creepy from the moment you end up in the middle of nowhere to when it feels like the owner also doubles as a pickpocket and steals any money that you might have left after paying lots for an experience that deserves a rating of zero stars if that was available.

You should only go here in large groups if you want to feel safe and everyone should have a rape whistle.

Its that creepy.

Would NEVER Recommend...

It is unfortunate that a bar cannot take on a large group of women ready to have fun for a last single night out. There is another review that mentions how we were treated before we even got off the bus....still at that point I took it as their "protocol" and didnt think anything of it....until getting into the bar and realizing that the bouncers think they are some jocked up big shot and do NOT know how to properly treat a is unfortunate that they are the first face and last face someone see's entering and leaving your bar....I will say I did have fun on the dance floor with some of the regulars that put up with me and tried to teach me the moves and the bartenders I dealt with were nice as well....that is this bars ONLY saving grace. I am lucky to have a group of friends that we can have fun no matter what the sitaution is we are dealt with...but this bar definetly put a damper on a great girls night out! I would NEVER recommend this bar especially for a group setting and a night out for the ladies...because you are definetly not treated like one. At the end of the night when I tried to make light of a poor situation and joked that they only got two of my friends out....the bouncer simply turned around and said "while if it wasnt your night...I would have kicked you out as well"....UNREAL!!!! Your bouncers need to get off their power trip and realize they are nothing special! MY RECOMMENDATION TO THE PUBLIC....DO NOT ATTEND NASHVILLE NORTH!

Brutal stuck up

Went to Nashville north for my bestfriends bachelorette night. They came on the bus before we could even get out lecturing us about their code of conduct and what they expect from us... No congrats to the bride, or have fun girls kiss my ass NOTHING. It was a real shame... 2 of my friends got kicked out.. Really? For what having fun? Or for the fact that we don't know how to line dance and we were trying? Nobody could even smile while line dancing.... It was like why are we even going to try... If you are out of sync with the regulars you are made to look like a complete ass hat.. They asked my friend to leave and none of us even knew she was gone!! Thanks heavens nothing happen to her outside on her own in a dark parking lot of a bar. Ya thanks Nashville North what a joke. Because you have a cowboy hat on makes you think you are above everyone else. Go down to Texas that's where you will find a real gentlemen of a cowboy.. Will not go back

Thumbs Down

Unfortunately a horrible experience at this bar. The staff are arrogant, aggressive, rude & obnoxious. We were a large group looking to have a great time at a place with a "country" feel...any one familiar with country would know what that is. Here we found nothing but stuck-up attitudes & bouncers itching to fight....even girls. Very sad to see a bar that is clearly not busy treating what little customers they do have poorly...will never go back or recommend to any one that may ask. A disgrace to the "country" community.

I love Nash!

Maybe because it's located in the middle of friggen nowhere, it doesn't have the stuck up vibe of most downtown Toronto nightclubs. The bartenders are super super friendly, the bouncers are actually really nice and don't act like they're on a power trip. they'll actually have a conversation with you and will smile at you.. as long as you're not going in with a fake id. which i assure you will not happen because their security is quite rigorous. I used to go on Thursdays when it was open in the summer because of the $3 drinks, as Saturdays is the country night, and I don't like country music. (However i went on a saturday once because i didnt know this, and line dancing was actually super fun lol!)

Crowd on a Thursdays is usually under 21 - lots of young people, somewhat trashy. since the dress code is casual some girls take a bit too much advantage of this.
music is mostly top 40 which is not my favourite, but i dont let it bother me and it isn't so bad where you can't dance and have a good time. as long as you like to dance and dont mind how non-chic it is, you will have a good time!

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