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Studio 77 Nightclub Reviews

Actually really sick

Checked out studio last Saturday for a friends bday. Hadnt heard much about the place but her boyfriend loves the club so we decided to go. We all had a really good time. The place is sick inside- really cool light show and pretty good house playing. We got 2 Grey Goose bottles for $300 all in so it wasn't too bad at all(not sure why it's so much on this site?). All in all, a really good time. Wasn't the typical douchey Peter st crowd and way less pretentious than king so it was a good change.


I was about to consider checking out this club. $475 for 3 comps and 2 Smirnoff Bottles. Theres 3 Clubs up the the street that do way more comps and i can get almost 4 bottles for the same price. WTF are these people thinking.

Cute DJ

So I went this past Saturday because I heard of some Dj coming from Miami. He was actually realllyyyyy good, better then I expected and cute too. There weren't a lot of people, maybe cuz their entrance was at the back of an alley. I would go back with a huge group of people though, I only went with 3 girls.


I went to Studio 77 almost 2 weeks ago and it was really good music, crowd, and service! EVERYONE was good looking too, guys and girls!!! Definetely going back !!!

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