580 King Street West, Toronto, ON

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Everleigh on King West boasts a small courtyard patio outside of their concept driven venue where art, music, design and service all come together to provide an entertaining social experience in a truly unique venue. Created by the Capture Group and designed by Prototype Design Lab. The Everleigh is truly something fresh fusing old and new world concepts across two rooms to create a mature yet fun ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40

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Guilty Tuesdays

Guilty Tuesdays

Tuesdays @ Everleigh

Everleigh Saturdays

Everleigh Saturdays

Saturdays @ Everleigh

Lil Fridays

Lil Fridays

Fridays @ Everleigh

Everleigh Reviews

Criminals Actively go here

My bank information got stolen and the person in question decided to go here for some reason, so thanks.


This is my first time ever posting a review and it had to be done. Giving this place a one star is even a stretch. The first time i went (on a saturday) this music was bad. It's a small place and crowded. People asked me to give it a second chance so i did. The minute from the lineup i knew i didn't want to go in.

They asked me if i'm on guest list, which i was. Gave my name to be told i'm not. I showed them the email confirmation to which they said its automated and doesn't count. But seriously what's the point of this list anyways for me to save $5? We are then told my friends can't get in because they're at capacity (at 10:45pm). Honestly at this point i just wasn't having it. I could hear the music from outside and it was horrible (some dubstep music) so i left. Thank goodness we didn't waste $120 to get in and have a worse time.
We did end up going to another lounge which has much better music and people that know how to act in customer service.


The goal of management and staff is to sign you up for bottles, force you to finish it, pay for it, and manipulatively kick you out. Throughout the whole night the waitress kept pushing us to get our last bottle and finish paying her. We kept saying please wait in the most kindest way because we didn't want everyone to overly consume the alcohol. At this point it was only 12 am. The waitress said she couldnt wait because management wanted the bottle out right away. Immediately she brought the bottle. Made us pay and once my friend paid for the bottle he was kicked out, and same with the rest of my friends (10 people). It was obvious they were at capacity. It was obvious they needed more room and more cash flow. So their answer is to clear out people once they pay their $1000. It is ridiculous how disgusting management was behaving and how horrible the level of service was at the club.
1. Dont pay for the bottles until you are ready to leave or you may get kicked out to clear space.
2. Just dont go to everleigh. They make excuses for certain members of your group of why they cant get in. It is hard to get all your friends in at this club.
3. You will not get your moneys worth

Awesome staff

Nice music and awesome staff...Washroons always cleans and friendly staff


Threw my 21st birthday party here, they absolutely ruined the night. I got bottle service for 6 bottles, and they asked me to pay for it all upfront at the beginning of the night with 1 credit card (1700$). On top of that they didn't let in half of my party when i specifically told them the number of guests i would be having. They then proceeded to move my table to a single table (we we're 20 people) next to the bathroom because they had a "vip" coming and there was no more space. Ridiculous. Bouncer is a child too, didn't let in some of my friends because he "didn't like their faces".

Coat check lose your coat

Coat check here managed to lose my coat even though i had my ticket. No response from the club when emailed to enquire if they managed to find it at the end of the night. The phone number on the website isn't even onsite so they couldn't check when i called.The staff on the night didn't even seem to be trying too hard to find it and i wasn't allowed to come and look for it myself.

Great music. Friendly staff.

This may be my first time i'm writing a review and that's only because most of toronto clubs always get a bad rep, but everleigh is definitely not one of them. I recently had to plan my cousin's bacholerette this past weekend and everything went without a hitch ! Shoutout to jay and austin (the usual suspects) who coordinated the booking really quickly and threw in some extra perks! The staff here is always friendly and super accommodating unlike other pretentious clubs in toronto and our servers kept checking in on us and clearing our table every 20 min. music that particular saturday night started off with some good old school r&b and then went straight to hip hop all night which is what i prefer anyway. There were several other bachelorettes going on that night as well, so the staff here at this venue definitely know what they're doing. Hope that helps !

what DJ

Music sucks. Wendy isnt lying.


Waited a long time in the line-up outside in the january cold; paid a $20 cover because the guest list time period expired. The door staff is kind, and one of them was a pleasure to talk to. The coat check staff is nice. I had a couple of dance partners, and one of them offered to kiss me; i said no. The music, in my opinion, needs help. I'm sure a lot of people dancing at everleigh tonight will disagree with me. The pleasant staff at everleigh and the pleasant patrons make up for music that i was trying too hard to dance to.


My partner and i had a terrible experience at this bar last night. We were physically and aggressively thrown out, literally, while trying to help a drunk friend leave, safely. The role of a 'bouncer' is to keep the peace and ensure safety, neither of which were done last night. We are appalled, as are the 20+ other people we were there with. We will obviously not be returning and urge everyone else to also stay as far away as possible.

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