The Madison Avenue Pub Reviews

Spit in your beer

If you like spit or random stuff in the bottom of your cup this is the place to go! Manager said he is cool with spit being in beer so that is the quality of beer you can expect.

UofT and college students

Thursdays and Fridays this is the place to go to, especially with the cheap drinks on Thursdays and the dance floor, you can literally pick up any chick that's in that room.

This place sucks

This place actually sucks, do not go here. It was a waste of all of our time, and everyone there is clueless. They wanted people to buy tickets for New Years at a cost of $10, we went to do that by phone and they said we couldn't and we had to pick the tickets up by 5 PM downtown, and we don't live downtown, so then we call back to ask why and they said that we could pay by phone but it had to be by one of the credit card holders in order to sign for them at their office, so we call back and they said that we couldn't pay by phone and to pick them up downtown once again, and then this person said by 6 pm, and another person said by 8:30 pm, it was just a mess. They also told us that everyone had to have tickets, but when we got there, there was a huge line of people with and withou tickets, so I didn't understand why we had to wait behind people who didn't have tickets when we had tickets, nonsense. When we got in at 9 pm, it was packed already, and no where to sit on all 5 floors, because of this we were all standing by the bar area because we couldn't move or sit, and one of the bar tenders walks right past me and bumps into my arms purposely and didn't apologize, and then 2 minutes later he all of a sudden starts nudging my arms forcefully and says "you can't stand here k" and didn't even look and was extremely rude to one of their paying customers. Also this place does not acknowledge new years at all, this is by far the worst place ever.


two stars. its not what it once was.

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