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473 Adelaide St. West, Toronto, ON, ON
(416) 603-9300

Uniun Info

Described as the perfect marriage of ultra-modern technology and industrial appeal, Uniun Nightclub is slated to be the first nightclub of its kind in Toronto. Boasting multi-dimensional audio and visual imagery, you can expect Uniun to come equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and impressive LED-light installations. With 14-ft bronze metal arches, old-timey chandeliers, wood accents, and ...

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Venue Type
Friday and Saturday 10pm - 3am
Toronto, Entertainment District, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40

Uniun Events

There is currently no events posted for Uniun.

Uniun Reviews

this is an amazing club

if you're going to go to uniun, please educate yourself before going.

this club plays EDM (electronic dance music for all you who dont know). if you are looking for top40 and hip hop, DONT come here.

this club is a great club with AMAZING music. manzone & strong have been around for years, longer than some of these clubs have even been around.

besides, this club is owned by INK and they run the top clubs in the city. they know how to run a club and keep it going forever.

EDUCATE yourself before coming to a club. this club is amazing.


Love Uniun! been a few times now on saturday nights, and it just keeps getting better. staff is super friendly, good looking crowd, great music. its the only club i know that has a completely different crowd and night on fridays and sats. Fris are big name djs casual dress, younger crowd. sats are 25+, and very classy. Well done UNIUN!!

Worst night of my life

Uniun definitely lived up to all of the negative reviews it has received. I reluctantly had to rate this place 1star when it barely deserves that much praise.

This past saturday, my friends and i were celebrating a friends birthday at uniun and had a horrific experience. As the dance floor was overcrowded, my friend group was not able to get much further onto the dance floor then to the rented booths. A group of girls had rented the booth for the night that we were dancing by. One of the girls was very hostile and proceeded to grab a few of my friends and pushing them saying that we were in her space. Initially we ignored her behaviour as it's unfortunately typical to expect nowadays. She then escalated to coming up behind me and shoving her hand down my pants, grabbed my genitalia, and then started screaming that i had grabbed her. One of uniuns security members immediately came over to intervene by pushing me around, resulting in him removing myself and my friends from the club.

I am absolutely disgusted that not only was their security completely unprofessional, but they would allow sexual assault to happen and not take a proper course of action.


Show: cosmic gate - march 3rd, 2017

I had seen pictures of the club and was excited, given that they typically pull in big headliners to play at their venue, whoever it was an awful experience.

I arrived around 11:40, with my ticket ready and was waiting in line for about 45 minutes. Waiting isn't the problem here, i get it, a lot of people come to this club to have fun and see a good show. The problem is the security. There were two uniun security guards walking up and down the line literally asking "wanna cut the line? 50 bucks". The security at uniun nightclub actually is promoting taking cash to cut in the line. Swarms of people forked up their money to the staff, while the line stayed at a stand-still. There was dozens of people paying to cut past the line, while the club continued to over-fill the place past capacity.

By the time we got in, the entire place was cramped shoulder-to-shoulder, in a hazy, sweaty, poorly ventilated club. The sting led lights were a nice touch, however the place just isn't built to support a large-scale dj performance (lights/screens etc). I love cosmic gate, but i will not be returning to uniun night club ever again.


My friends always told me not to go here, however my long time best friend said he knows someone who could hook us up nicely for my birthday, which was 3 weeks ago, so we decided to go to uniun. We got in touch with him and everything was very smooth from the second we arrived till we left, no problems or bs!
Would definitely recommend you get in touch with him if you're going to uniun! His number is 4167701962, you will not regret it :)

Be careful with this club

I had to cancel my credit card because of this club. be very careful if you are booking vip/bottle service.
Firstly, we had booked a booth a couple of months in advance. we were told the day of the booking that there was no booth available but they could give us a high table with no chairs. far from acceptable, but on the day of the booking, there was no choice but to go through with it. the club state that they don't allow customers to run tabs, which makes good sense. sadly this isn't true. when they came to charge for the bottle service and asked for almost double the agreed price, that was a problem. this happened as there were 2 tabs somehow opened against my card.

In summary, you can not trust this place to keep your booking, and you can not trust them with the credit card you use to secure the aforementioned booking.


I came here because i did a research and based on that this place would play top 40's.... That's so not true.... I didn't hear at least one top 40's :( it was techno the whole night :( i came alone, planning to dance and have fun, but, didn't happen :(

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