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My overall impressions about the club is negative.

Customer service - minus 10
I went to washroom just to wash my hands and face,
my hands turned to her begging pice of paper towel.
instead i had black woman WHO supposed to give me a paper towels, looked at me with such an anger that I ow her something else, and it is even more then money. May be it is black racism? or do I look queer or not proper to you? I know people, usually tip and ethics thing. well I could give you tips, but i didn't have paper towel in my hand when i turned to you. instead that silent hate from the first sight ... I don't know.
So, I just said THANK YOU and went out the washroom
Right now I hope yr fat ass (i am sorry b)is reading it and honestly accept that THAN KYOU AS F.U.

Another thing I want to tell you, D'N"B means step after beats DJs of the club managed to slowdown the music soooo much i could even dance chiken dance faster. pleease learn D'n'B orand stop scratching all the time.

Club crawlers say face control , but fortunately there wasn't fase control

The best part is there is NO FACE CONTROL!
As I trusted Club crawlers web site and came there dressed up
I hope admins fix that detail in your info about the club.
NO DRESS CODE is ma be the only good thing about the club.

other than that ....

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