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Awesome time

Went there last week for my birthday with 20 guests and had a great experience from start to finish. The service was amazing, as usual, as well as food and drinks. They have a hundred beers or so on tap so take advantage of this!! Will definitely be coming back for the gluten free salmon (so hard to find a gluten free dish that tastes good).. Also new dj was awesome -- completely new sound and all new music (thank god.. Lol) thanks west50 see you soon!!

Down the Drain

Not gonna lie i had some good times here. place used to be lots of fun on saturday nights and i was a regular. lately it has been less busy plus i had an unpleasant experience where some drunk girls who were using me and my friend for drinks decided to get us kicked out after we didn't wanna buy them more. one of the girls went up to the bouncer and told him i insulted her and i got kicked out as a result. afterwards i've been there a couple of times but months later i'm suddenly banned from the place.

Come to think of it...Might be a blessing in disguise. &co which is right beside west50 is actually a much better place. classier, more people, and staff actually treat you with respect.


Have been several times. Food is outstanding!!! Kudos to the chef! Clean, great music , polite staff and will definitely go back and recommend to friends.

Amazing night

Recently went to West 50 for a party of 20.
As soon as we walked in we were amazed at all the beers on tap. The hostess pointed them all out to us and informed us that it was the biggest beer house in Canada.

The food was delicous, huge selection which made it hard to make a choice. Food ranged from pizza and burgers to intricate entrees.

Our server Kaitlyn was a treat, she was very knowledgable about beer and the food. Amazing fun personality and kept us laughing all night. thorough serving, remembered our group from the party a year before.

The crowd late at night on the weekends leaves less to be desired, other then that it was an amazing experience over all. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves food or beer. Can't wait to go back!

Worst Experience Ever - Never again!

Hated it. Came in for an hour, paid $5 ONLY to have certain people step ALL over my shoes & push me, and for guys to be so IGNORANT and DISRESPECTFUL. After a certain group of men yelled out a racial slur to me (which I did not deserve since I did not do anything to them or was I near to them), I vow never to go there nor my friends to. I'll stick to staying at home because my $5 was only spent to watch people high of mary jane dance in all sorts of weird ways. Never ever again.

been there done that

ok ok .. the draught selection is pretty exceptional.. the food is good.. the staff and management for the most part is ish. had an airhead of a server who had no idea how to even carry a try.. she didnt know much about the menu.. i had the schnitzel.. which she said was chicken... not even close. it was pork.. luckily i had no dietary restraints.. the staff seemed to be standing around not really doing much. the male bartender was rude and extremely short when asked for a suggestion. he carried this attitude like he was gods gift to bartending when: a. theres so many better at the job then he is. and b. his looks didnt make up for his lack of personality... as a girl i want a HOT bartender. not a left over washed up has been ... never step foot in that place again

Bar good + bar sucks = average nice

hey this is a good place to party however the bar sucks, it took me 20 mins to get a pint of coorslight!! and then on top of that the bar tender gave me the wrong change! Mississauga clubs sucks...

love it

LOVE the 50 !

great drinks, but overpriced food sucks

great drinks, but the overpriced and pretentious food sucks ‎ - ‎ - 2010-05-22
we had read about the great culinary creations of this place and it being part of an elite group of restaurants. well, the drinks were great. a huge selection of beers and cocktails, well prepared and presented. but the appetisers appeared out of a box. the 3dip platter was nacho chips and toasted pita, not even warm and costing 11$?? the calamari was half raw and not properly fried and for the first time ever i encountered the bunched tentacles of a squid in fried calamari rings! the main course of salmon was ok, but the veal schnitzel and the beef medallion were bland and tasteless. the fact that we hardly touched both didnt bother the wait staff. the music was too loud and raucous. we would never go back there again. we spent 200 $ there. for half the price, we would have been better off at jack astors.

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