After 30 years we say goodbye to a Toronto Icon

Crocodile Rock Reviews

Hit and Miss

- Reasonably priced drinks, $4 on special nights and $5.50 regularily
- Interesting crowd for peoplewatching, 20's, 30's, 40's 50's
- Decent mix of music from classic rock to top 40
-Upstairs patio is nice, but empty

-You get booted out of your seat if you are sitting at the bar after 11
-Dance floor is awkward to get into and out of
- No breathing room and it is near impossible to walk from one side of the place to the other
-Upper floor is kind-of awkward and is never busy
- Confused between a sports bar, club, or restaurant

Summary: This place can be a good night on special occasions e.g. Haloween. Would not reccomend to go here for a 19th, or any birthday. Overall nothing is terrible but the poor layout makes this place overcrowded when it doesn't have to be.

Rooftop Rocks

The best patio in town.


this place is AMAZING! awesome bar, great way to spend a saturday night..

two dance floors, pool tables, friendly staff

Had potential if staff ran it better and respected capacity limits..

Ok, so my friend raved about this place cuz its her old stomping grounds. The music was pretty good. It was over crowded disgustingly so. There was no room to even get on the dance floor and you couldnt get from one side of the bar to the other. I love a good crowd but overcrowded just makes for an uncomfortable experience. There was not enough security from bouncers or staff paying attention to issues. Such as there was a group of very aggressive men who continously kept grabbing, groping and harrassing my gfs and I. One of the girls had to physically restrain a guy at one point becuz they were too drunk to understand what NO meant. Nobody stepped in even though it got very heated, yelling, pushing and such. I suspect she could have punched in in the face and no security would have even done anything at that point. It was slightly ridiculous! Maybe if it wasnt so crazi over crowded they could better see the issues at hand. Drunk ppl on the upper floor were dropping beer bottles and glasses that fell and smashed on the lower level but almost hit ppl on top of the head a few times. Did staff do or say anything? Naw, of course not. It went unaddress or prehaps just unnoticed. Better staff and security are needed.

Awesome place !

Its a Awesome place to have fun,fun and Just fun !

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